Who would like an auto update feature for the builds? What does this mean to you?
In simple layman’s term, when the build is updated by use yours will update automatically without you lifting a finger šŸ˜€

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Thank You šŸ™‚ And Have A Great Day.
The Mixdoctor Team Member of koditalk.org

  • Nubz

    I started using the royalist a couple weeks ago. It is awesome. Loaded on 4 devices. Love it!

  • Dave Hackett

    That would save me sometime.

  • Geek Dad

    Please please do a tutorial on how to do a build that updates, will this be like fresh start then the new build will start.

    • Oh I know you want to know haha. The build will auto update as soon as you make a change.

      • Geek Dad

        So if I update my build then put it on my hosting it will auto update the on my stick? That’s awesome

      • Dave Hackett

        Yes please show us .

  • cedlmartinez

    I’d like to say THANK YOU!!! Tech Timeruuu!!! Thanks for all your help!!!!

  • Geek Dad

    That would be an awesome thing to implement into my build and there’s only 1 guy I know that can make a tutorial that would be easy to follow and that’s Tech Timeruuu ??

  • gerbie28

    Having problems with the new beast update1.6 always buffering?

  • Geek Dad

    Any news on this yet buddy

  • BowHunterMaster

    Dear Sir,….
    Just installed The Spartan Wizard, Registered at your Site,(Created a Pass,User)
    and i still have problems openning your App!!!
    Followed everything in here ( related with that ),…
    Add-on Settings ,Account settings,reboot ,but i still can not start The App!!!
    Everytime i got the Mention that i have to login and register before to use the app?!!!

    Created and changed the pass several times , because my account ,had been not recognized
    anymore ( weird ),…..
    Anyway followed to the letter your advise from other users related problems, but i still can not start your app!!!
    I am on KODI OpenELEC 7.0 ( Beta Version) on a Zotac MiniPC iC540
    (I5 /8GB Ram / 250 Samsung SSD)
    Any help will be appreciated ,….


  • jackattack893

    I would love that.

  • Phr3aker

    Auto updated would be amazing. One question, not sure if you answered it or not… Let’s say I add a few things of my own to the Royalist and it auto updates… Is the update going to be a fresh start update and I’ll lose my addons?

  • defino

    Used the royalist since it first came out
    I feel it’s certainly one of the very best builds out
    and works very good on the Fire stick and Fire tv
    Would like to ask if I can add
    Program listings to the main menu for IPTV stalker

  • belly7001

    Iā€™d like to let you know Tech Timeruuu that i do not handle my self too well with computers and i dont speak English
    that well and i really feel that you are a really good help, you are real good explaining how to do it for that i thank you and i hope that you keep doing it
    Thank you very much