Millions of Covenant, Bennu and DeathStreams users will be displeased to hear that the Colossus repository has been shut down! We don’t have much information as of yet, but from what we’ve heard jsergio123 was threatened by the MPAA earlier today. We haven’t heard from him directly, but different sources have been saying things about what’s happening. He was told to immediately cease Kodi addon development.

In case you don’t know who jsergio123 is, he’s been into Kodi addon development for quite some time now, developing different addons over the years. He was also part of the Colossus group, but as far as we have been told, he wasn’t actually contributing to the development of allegedly infringing Kodi addons such as Covenant, Bennu, DeathStreams and Sportie.

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This is going to be bad news for Covenant, Bennu and DeathStreams users unless someone steps up to the plate and takes over development. Since the Colossal repository has been deleted, users will have to install a new repository in order to continue to receive updates in the event that another developers takes over Covenant development. It should be noted that none of the Colossus developers nor addons were part of TV ADDONS since we relaunched our site in August.

Whether or not he was doing anything wrong, the threat of legal action from the MPAA would be enough for anyone to call it a day. He wasn’t making any money from his development, and no mere mortal can afford a costly legal fight with the big day MPAA. He would go bankrupt fighting to continue developing addons for which he didn’t benefit.

We haven’t heard anything about the rest of the Colossal repository developers, but the MPAA identifying one of their own seems to have been enough to scare Echo Coder into deleting his GitHub repositories and Twitter account as well. As far as we have been told, only jsergio123 received a cease and desist, in which they held him responsible for everything in the Colossal repo, including Covenant, Bennu, DeathStreams and Sportie.

As for URLResolver development, TV ADDONS has been distributing URLResolver from our community repository since our return in August. We plan on continuing to provide updates, although we expect things to be slowed a bit by jsergio123’s sudden retirement. We really hope that new developers will come forward and contribute Kodi addon code at our URLResolver Development GitHub page.

Screen Shot 2017 11 15 at 3.31.17 PM 300x104 - Covenant Kodi Addon Repository Shuts Down After MPAA Threatens Kodi Developer JSergio123

We wish jsergio123 the best in all his future endeavours and thank him for tweeting his endorsement for TV ADDONS earlier today. TV ADDONS is prepared to fight this fight, to ensure that copyright law isn’t expanded. The law is on our side, but our opponents are fierce and lawyers don’t work for free. If you’d like to contribute to our legal battle, please feel free to do so via our donation page TVAddons

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