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Transform your TV experience with 4K streaming, advanced gaming, and Android TV—only on the NVIDIA® SHIELD Android TV Box. SHIELD also comes with GeForce NOW™, the only game-streaming service that delivers GeForce GTX gaming to your TV, instantly.

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Leave a comment here to double your chances of winning 1 of 2 Nvidia Shields

This is a giveaway (FREE) for 2 16GB Nvidia Shield Tv.
To enter just basically tell us why do you want it?


To double your chances enter here as well: and click on the pinned post Nvidia Shied Giveaway and leave a comment.

Good luck guys.

Thank You 🙂 And Have A Great Day.
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  • stulikihihifo

    I want it cause it is the best Kodi box out there.

  • Ramon de Jesus

    I don’t want to 2 I just want 1 to enjoy all the fun another level thanksssss

  • anthony sammons

    As a single Father of a beautiful little girl, I would love to be able to afford one
    of these so hopefully I can win

  • Russell Ventimiglia

    Good luck to everyone

  • cristian giron

    I want because I never win ?

  • Chris

    I’d like to jump-start my bedroom TV viewing experience with this device thank you very much for the opportunity

  • Michael Joel Febo

    ??hope I win

  • Roel

    Been wanting to cut cord and just do stream this will help me get started!… Good luck everyone!

  • Johendrick Paulino

    Me want NVIDIA shield

  • carlos roque

    It would be awesome to have a shield for the living room.

  • Rob Gianelli

    Keep up th good work..

  • Jose Pilero

    I really like this and the BEST android tv box ever made

  • Miguel Servantez

    Let’s try this again lol I want that nvidia

  • Hector Garcia

    Hope its me! Would love to own one!

  • Mario

    Thank you for all your videos. They are very helpful

  • Robert Jackson

    I would love to see what’s all the hype about this box is.

  • Biglz

    I think it’s awesome that you guys do these giveaways. Looking forward to seeing who wins. Good luck to everyone.

  • Ray Smythe

    Fingers crossed would live the shield. Thanks you guys are awesome Good luck to all

  • Gnashers FC

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • John Blackman

    These are great boxes. Whoever wins is lucky guy/gal. It could be me.

  • Fernando Alanis

    Nice giveaway

  • Duane Hamlin

    Please I want the Nvidia Shield bad

  • Mike Rosario

    Hope I win

  • Edwin Guzman

    I will love to have one. God knows I do.

  • Nicky Byrne

    I like to have a nvidia shield because it looks like an awsome allround device. Gaming console and tv all in one. What more can you ask for. Another awsome giveaway. Where would we be without people like you?

  • Joe

    Joe wins. Joe receives his Shield in the post all the way to Scotland. Joe puts Royalist build on Shield. Joe is happy. The End.

  • Troy Brooks

    need this

  • Kyle Ortiz

    For my family

  • J. Ruiz

    Feeling lucky!… awsome giveaway… best android box ever.

  • Trevor L

    Kodi in 4k, YES!

  • Cousin Troy

    Broke and been wanting one for along time lol

  • danriz97

    sweet another giveaway

  • T2D POW

    Good luck to everyone.

  • Christopher

    Thanks for always doing the giveaways

  • Denese Maynard

    Much respect for all you do !

  • Jose Vega

    I would love to be the winner. Thanks for all your help.

  • Yvonne Venereo

    love this giveaway!!!

  • Avity

    I would absolutely love one, as would my kids!

  • Brandon Betts

    got me the luck of the irrish

  • Craig Doherty

    NVIDIA Shield will be mine!

  • Roy Romero

    Awesome android tv box, keep up the good work TT.

  • Mark McKenney

    I’d give it to my brother! He would love this!

  • Liliana Rodriguez

    I want to upgrade my Fire stick !

  • Steve Rojas

    Your the man. I would love to get the nvidia shield. Cheers

  • Andreas Ioannou

    Thanks 🙂

  • Chris

    Thanks for the chance. I’d love to win the Shield.

  • Will Chaloner

    You two guys are legends for letting us all in with a chance of winning a Shield!

  • Rob Grissom

    It Would Be Christmas of the century if I won these. You guys are the best!!! My 4 kids and I would love this, we get to spend a lot of family time at home, due to Kodi.

  • ben_turtle

    If you choose me I promise I’ll be the winner

  • Jr Justice

    best box on the market, also spartan wizard has some great builds

  • Johnny Roman

    I heard this is the box to get. I need one Please

  • Mike C415

    Can’t wait to get my new box
    hurray!! Hurray !!

  • matt highton

    Would love to have one of these Joy Machines as it was well sold to me by tech timeruuu’s review

  • Ruben Ortiz

    Hi tech

  • vmedina9621

    I need one bad!

  • Brian B

    Please ???

  • Rudy Euresti

    I would definitely be able to cut the cable if i won one of these beauties. Good luck to everyone!

  • Chris Middleton

    Thanks TT for this giveaway. Good luck to everyone.

  • Gail Wyatt

    What a great prize

  • Mark Mendieta

    Love it…. need it!

  • That_Guy99

    Oh god yes yes yes please!!!

  • Dzenan Hodzic

    TT you are King!!!!!

  • Sir-Ene Otudor

    have been dreaming of this. hope i win it. i’m so excited

  • Dennis Lee Major

    this is the one for my kids to play game on i heard its the best one for kodi

  • Al-faylsoof

    I hope insha”allah to win this nvidia Shield.

  • Al-faylsoof

    I hope that I will win this time Insha’Allah.

  • Simon Giles

    Need this to help others! well done TT

  • Jonathan Sweetman

    This looks like a amazing peace of technology that if I had I could learn more about it as knowledge is power but this is a amazing give away from you 2 youtube’s thank you for giving us a chance very exciting.

  • Mark Watson

    Its nice to get things i would like to recieve one please ??? thanks for the free entry anyway guys

  • Radhames Rodriguez

    I need it to play game!

  • Rob Mills

    Would love a shield to upgrade my entertainment system

  • maurice kenny

    LOVE nvidia shield ,that speed would blow my mind. Thanks Guys.

  • Kevin Spragg

    Hope to win and use it out nursey!

  • Peter Ibrahim

    awesome giveaway

  • Olga Tirado

    Hope to win this one. Best of luck to everyone

  • Adam Moochnek

    Wow! Awesome! Good luck everyone!

  • Greg Ogilvie

    I like to win this one, because of great spec. they have.

  • mini-me

    I need this in my life. Thank You

  • Dan Booker

    Thanks for the opportunity to win a great android device. It would be great to have to watch all our favourite tv shows. Thank you!

  • Randy Clement

    This is by far the best box out there and I’d love to own one.

  • Darren Galway

    This would be great to have 🙂

  • Ann Marie Rivera

    I would love to win keep up the good work

  • Omar Mondragon

    Never won anything before, it would be awesome if I win this!

  • chrissurra

    This would be great to learn to code for android and also teach my daughters how to code. Plus kodi and playing games would be a ton of fun.

  • Dan Milian

    This would be fantastic

  • Manos

    This would be an amazing upgrade on my M8s, and my birthday is coming up soon ;). Thanks for all the great tutorials TT!

  • Jamie Mcleod

    I really want 1 of these as my current android box hasnt got a big enough cpu so i can not watch hd or good qaulity links. Hope i can win.

  • Constandinos Onisiphorou

    Great Giveaway!
    Would love it for my son!

  • raymond hirons

    Love to win one, play games thanks.

  • Mike S.

    Would love this mainly because I love new technology. Maybe it would also help me cut the cord and stop paying Dish $120 a month 🙂

  • Marcus

    Because its the best system to run kodi on & your the Man!!

  • Rene Carrasco

    I LOVE IT!!!

  • Steven Jones

    Loved Nvidia since Return to Castle Wolfenstein and would love to see what the new breed of Nvidia Tech can show me

  • Bugatsinho

    thank you so much for the chance to win a shield!!!

  • steve

    Thank you, love it.

  • Miguel Fernandez

    So excited for a chance to win!!!! Thanks you guys!

  • David Hannon

    In it to win it.

  • Charles Titone

    Nvidia Shield The best box for Kodi!! I would love to win one!

  • Robert Bain

    Would love to win!!!

  • ken hargrove

    I’ll give it another try for the Nviidia Shield

  • Michael Tuley

    Awesome giveaway!

  • Bugeyed

    Tks for the chance to win a great product !!!

  • Phill McClelland

    I’d love to win this. Would be nice to have something great to use kodi on.

  • Dave Hackett

    Tech did a review on these a while back. So after watching it. i want one.

  • Curtiss

    This is an awesome device, would love to have one…

  • Samuel Burwell

    You guys tutorials are epic

  • Bruh Furly

    You guys do an awesome job…much respect!

  • Sean Kirk

    I hope that I can win one!

  • Peter Meek

    The royalist is the best build for the fire stick thanks but i would love to use a shield

  • neospade44

    I’d like to Kodi the Shield up!

  • Patrick Stewart

    Thank you Tech Timeruuu

  • Chris Meder

    I would love a Shield. Thanks!

  • Jackie Quinn

    i promise to love and totally take care of this shield

  • Larry Glaser

    Thanks for all your helpful videos. I’d love to win the NVIDIA Shield giveaway to replace my old fire stick

  • Robert Tolley

    Yes yes please

  • chrissurra

    I would love to win this so I can teach my daughter how to code for android. I would also like to develop an app for android tv. Plus playing games will be fun for my family.

  • rvaldes820

    Thanks for all the great tutorials and give aways

  • Aimee Wehrle

    I’ll keep trying… Never give up on the shield, or your lil bugger co-host. How long will you keep us in suspense?

  • Rodrigo Moraes

    who are the best 5 rappers of all time? DYLAN, DYLAN, DYLAN DYLAN DYLAN
    because i spit hot fire.

  • Tom Boyd

    Love to own one of these

  • gapo

    thanks TT… to have this awesome box …

  • sajid189

    Hello! I always wanted a nvidia shield and this is my best shot for right now. Thanks!

  • Roy Adkins

    Would love to win one. Enter your contests all the time… Havent one anything yet… :p

  • Shawn Turner

    I would love to have one for my kids. Thanks

  • Jperez825


  • gina borjas

    I want one pleaseeeeeaaaaa thanks 😉

  • Iyanu Adegbite

    I want this because I just found out about nvidia and it is a fantastic android box and i’m not able to get one because I don’t have the money to buy one(only a teenager) and I stumbled upon your video review while looking for reviews and you convinced me that the nvidia android box is awesome and the box could cut the cable. Keep up the great work TT

  • Aaron Glomski

    I would love to have this one . I always want the best of the best and this is that. I never enter in things like this cause my luck isn’t good at all lol but when I seem this I said what the heck. I wanted this box over my minix box but price was the factor so I settled for something I didn’t really want. But it’s still a great box but nothing can out do this beast of a box. Thanks for the opportunity to enter for a chance to win though. Good luck to everyone but I hope I win lol.

  • William

    I saw one in action it was fast

  • Dread Prinz

    This is great TT. Would love to win one of these Nvidia Shield, Thanks.

  • Andrew hart

    Would be a dream come true win one of these magnificent boxes please please let It be me

  • Gabriel Rodriguez

    I want the Nvidia Shield

  • PNH57

    Would love one

  • Ronnail Howard

    Been wanting one for a while thanks for the chance.

  • BayAreaSun .

    This is crazy! Good luck to everyone and thank you for the give away.

  • Mark Smith

    I’m new to kodi but over the last couple of weeks have learnt so much through your tutorials and have installed hypertt build. Im only using a firestick but I know the shield is the best there is. I’d love to win this that’d be me set. Great giveaway ?

  • Kevin Clarke

    I have been on Kodi for a few years but all my boxes have broken would love a top end box that will run smoothly and keep me ahead of the game, ty.

  • Pure Dope Music

    I hear the shield is absolutely amazing I would love to have one!!!!

  • ranrek

    Same here….I need a 4k box! and hear this one is the one…thanks for everything

  • Luis Corcino

    I need it so bad …

  • Adam Richardson

    Would look pretty good to next to my xbone but really need a box capable of 4K without packing in.

  • Josh Coleman

    I need to upgrade from the Fire Stick…. Thanks!

  • Anibal Menjivar

    I hope to win!, Nvidia Shield is the badass of Media Centers in this era!! I need to probe that! 🙂

  • Drone

    It’s a cool thing and I want it

  • Stela Plumz

    would love to upgrade from my firetv with an Nvida Shield. Thanks for the chance!

  • Mark Stewart

    Because It would make my Firestick jealous and I can finally kick my TiVo into touch

  • Elvis Echaza

    I would love to win the nvidia shield. Is simply awesome to have one.

  • Philip Turnbull

    would be a great product..being a retired Canadian sailor I can not afford one for myself so winning would be awesome.

  • Marin Struški

    everyone, good luck

  • jimmy hebert

    Please pick me. My daughter is in college and cannot afford cable.

  • The Rookie

    Need to replace my fire stick

  • Calvin Walls

    Lucky Me.

  • Noe Perez

    I would enjoy this for many years.

  • Juice

    I would love to have one

  • Jesus

    I’ve always used Fire Sticks because they are low budget devices and they work great with some build but i would like to experience something with a little more juice in it.

  • Jon David


  • Wessam ma

    I ‘d love to have one

  • Eric Laporte

    Maybe it’s time to move to a 4k TV 😉

  • Tenzin

    hi wanna try my luck hope win this time, thanks

  • Munsoor Phileman

    i would absolutely loved this prize , Awesome Competition

  • Jason Testro

    i need to step it up from fire stick to this beast!!!! thanks

  • Phillip Tucker

    Well thanks for the gift

  • heavy hammer 13

    i would love to win 1 Nvidia Shields ,Tech Timeruuu do the good work bro


    This unit would rock in my media room, hope I am the lucky one.

  • melvin sanchez

    Maybe this time I can win. Thanks for the all the work you guys do.

  • Matt A

    Need to replace my android box which constantly freezes when I go to watch something on the Beast.

  • Gareth Brooks

    It looks the blooming awesome for a start.! Pick me pls

  • Henry Coleman

    I would love to win so I could put my fire tv on my daughters tv and put the nvidia shield in living room would be awesome we watch only our box no cable satellite so it would be thoroughly enjoyed!

  • Miguel

    Hey guys would really love this amazing box
    I just discover kodi a month ago by accident and fell in love with it but the fire stick I got it’s my parents and if I have this box would
    Love to pay it forward to someone else And get them hook on kodi

  • Bill Dailey

    It would be nice to add to my arsenal of android devices…

  • Jimi

    Just heard great things about the device and would be cool to win it

  • Danny Braide

    Would love to win this device to expand my Kodi experience what can I say I’m gadget geek and I love it but good luck to everyone, keep up the amazing videos and hard work guys.

  • Greg Fleming

    I’d like an Invidia Shield so I can use it like Captain America to stop bullets and chop people’s heads off and what not.

  • myyybaad

    Well, there are many reasons why I would want the Nvidia Shield, well me and my grandpa love watching movies together ever since I was a kid he would put movies for us to watch over and over again. As for a kid it was the best, now I want to give him the same joy he gave for me because he just turned 86 years old and he is very ill and might not make it to the end of the year so I want him to still feel happy for the time he has left. I know he will be because since I watched all the movies and shows I wanted as a kid now it’s time for me to give him that joy and watch and do anything he wants to do now. That is really why I want to win this not just for me but for him.
    Thank You.

  • sameh farwiz

    I been looking to buy one cuz my fire stick very limted to some builds and kind a slow plus it will be good for my 5 years old to play games on it and I can’t afford it now

  • Димитър Мазнеков

    I want one !!!

  • Jack Armstrong

    So I can convince the Mrs to get rid of Sky for good and stick it to Rupert Murdoch.

  • Scott Warden

    Because I would give it to my son

  • JOEP

    Because the Firestick we have just dont cut it and my son would love this!!

  • Big Dawg Style

    Because now that I have retired, I can do lots of fun things with my two grandsons

  • wasim shahzad

    I want it please because fire stick not good enough for beast

  • Tyler Gould

    I want it because I have gone through 4 boxes already and not one has lasted more than a month

  • nicky

    I want it cause I am a amputee and house bound and , that will full fill my days but if I can’t have it it’s OK

  • Geoff Billings

    I’m midway through my 6th decade and on a fixed income and would love to upgrade from my $25.00 mxq box.

  • I want to turn a TV into an Android TV.

  • jeano antonio

    I would love one because I hate Comcast and I’m trying to cut the cord

  • Bugsy Ok

    Tried the rest, nvidia shield,is the best.

  • Hank Hill

    I would love to win this awesome powerful machine as I am still stuck with using my laptop attached to my tv and it lags so much but I would love to own pretty much “The” best kodi machine

  • DiBiaSKi

    This would be a great addition to my home theater

  • Phillip Rackham

    Need help entertaining the kids!! Pick me 🙁

  • Jello

    Hey, from geek to geek I really need one of the NVIDIA SHIELD pick me Please..


    I would love to have one and would enjoy this for many years.

  • Magnt0

    Cuz I like to win things ???

  • Michael Quiroz

    Cause it is a great box.

  • Mike Golofaro

    Just got a new 4K tv!

  • Robbie Paul

    Double jeopardy?

  • Tricia Mcdonald

    win…because its the best machine out there, plus the kids have over took the tv 🙁 and i cant afford to buy ,,,,,,,,,good luck people

  • Ilhyan Fernando

    please let me win… lol

  • Bill Dailey

    I really would like to add to my arsenal

  • Gabriel Escobedo

    Oh how much better this would be then my cheap Chinese box even though The Royalist runs perfect on it!!!fingers crossed??

  • Sujoy Singha

    Please let me win!!

  • Mark Macias

    I would love to win this and use kodi on the Nvidia Shield! Techtimeruuu and cssc0der are the best!

  • Ben Bagels

    Hey, I’m working in Hungary at a school (I’m English) and have the worst T.V ever here and…. this will really keep the wife happy also!! Please help!!


  • MsTiffany Renee

    I would love to give this to my daughter, I can’t afford to put cable in her room and in addition she would be able to watch movies.

  • Steve Garratt

    Nvidia shield has to be the top performing android box and I want one so not only can I watch my beast package and iptv but try out the amazing games too. So please pick me as one of your winners.

  • Iván Merino

    Love Nvidia

  • Andrea Holliday

    I want the Nvidia Shield because I keep hearing it a great device to have, especially when you have “cut the cord”. I also want to get back in to gaming so this would be the perfect fit for me.

  • wasim shahzad

    I want it please

  • Terry

    It’s the best of the best.

  • Wilma Rochelle McFadden

    I have gone from a Firestick to an Android Box and now the next step would be a Shield! I would love to win that Shield.

  • Marc Mc Loughlin

    I would love this for upstairs so I can actually watch something with no kids sitting on my head ?

  • Janine Part

    Who doesn’t or wouldn’t want the best of the best. Also, it would be nice to win something and I’m hoping to get a new tv so this would go perfect with it 🙂 good luck everyone!

  • Des Gibbs

    The dream box is my dream to own. Please make my dream come true…

  • Francois Roy

    Would like it to watch 4K Netflix! Is the giveaway over? I don’t see no date anywhere..

  • yaser sss

    coz its like all ppl said the best gaming consle ever… and i would like to be among the grate gamers

  • yaser sss


  • jamin L

    I need it so I can get rid of my old Pi!

  • Jason Keys

    Simply put the Nvidia Shield is the best device on the market hands down.

  • Matthew Skillman

    I really need it. thanks

  • Greg Sexsmith

    I would be able to get rid of my old clunky PC that takes up way to much room and way too slow buffering all the time no matter what I do. So please pick me!

  • yaser sss

    when the contest end?

  • Andrew Lewis

    Plex server, RAM, more games, Gamestream…
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Kadian Thomas

    i would like to win this Nvidia Shield

  • Socon Gaming

    I want it because basically I have a Samsung and want to play games from the past but my phone is way to slow and also I want it for my family to enjoy:)