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Transform your TV experience with 4K streaming, advanced gaming, and Android TV—only on the NVIDIA® SHIELD Android TV Box. SHIELD also comes with GeForce NOW™, the only game-streaming service that delivers GeForce GTX gaming to your TV, instantly.

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This is a giveaway (FREE) for 1 16GB Nvidia Shield Tv + Remote.
To enter just basically tell us why do you want it?

We have a winner! Congratulations to “Chris Spurlock”

Good luck guys.

Thank You 🙂 And Have A Great Day.
The Mixdoctor Team Member of

  • ralphwiggum1

    Another giveaway. This could my chance! I want to play the Shield games I bought on sale (DOOM 3, Half-Life 2) and get MGR Revengeance and game out.

  • Anthony Sammons

    I really want this because it’s the best box money can by. . Also no matter what happens I’ll always be there 2 back you up and support anything you do.

  • Anthony Sammons

    I really want this because it’s the best box money can by. . Also no matter what happens I’ll always be there 2 back you up and support anything you do.

  • Reinhold Doerfert

    Hope i win??

  • Harvey Vazquez

    Trying to win.

  • Robert Tolley

    I love a nvidia shield

  • Natnael Gebremeskel

    It would be awesome to win the Nvidia Shield

  • Eddie Tree Colón

    Always watch your videos, to stay up on all things kodi, and you speak clear English which helps a great deal.. Lol, just kidding.. Not, but I would to add it to my media setup.. Thanx..

  • ….

    I would like the nvidia shield because I’m Still on a firestick and would love to have the shield because it’s faster and a better experience.

  • Omar Jennett

    I really need a stable kodi box

    • James King

      You got me excited, talking about how nice it is! I’m ready to brag about it too! Smile

  • huero1323

    Ey ✌ They say Nvidia is the best.

  • Aimee Arroyo

    I hope I win this time!! Crossing my fingers??????, I really really want this, why? Because its badass!!

  • Michael

    Hi I have never had an upto date pc and for that i have to prioritize what i want to do be it playing a game or watching kodi. the one i have at the moment is about 10 years old and i may have to wait another 10 before i can get a new pc (Kids come frist). If I won then they would all be happy as they could play games as well as movies.

  • David moffatt

    I want it as amazon did me out of one on prime day. They cancelled the order for security reasons but could not tell me exactly why. As I only found out the day after when delivery did not turn up. They said sorry but I would have to place a new order paying another £50. Can’t afford that so not got one.

  • T Tank

    Hi tech
    Thank you again for YET ANOTHER giveaway.
    But what happened to the rip off nvidia shield, i wanted that one. It could turn out to be a antique after i buried it in my garden, :-))
    Good luck everyone!

  • Biglz

    First off, I’d like to thank you for all that you do and the for the time it must take to keep up with it all. I have the fire stick and winning the NVIDIA SHIELD as we all know is alot better and can do alot more. It would be very cool to experience what it can do. Thanks for all that you do..

  • Ray Smythe

    Would Like to try the best android box out there. Plus I am getting tired of my fire stick. Thanks Good Luck to all

  • Kyle Ortiz

    For my family and because it’s really awesome.

  • Kevin

    Thanks for the give away, this is an awesome unit.

  • Aiantas

    Nvidia is the best !

  • Martin

    Lol, don’t you just love the way people go so nice when they want something hahaha
    I’d like one for sure, but doubt you post it to the uk 😉

  • Ramon de Jesus

    I need this in my life to enjoy with the family

  • Craig Flanagan

    No need to have multiple box’s under the tv. Would make cutting the cord so much easier and better.

  • mike menard

    I’m in need of a stable box, still using the firestick and to put my streaming to the next level this opportunity to win would do just that. Good luck to all.

  • Theodore Pack

    As much as I love my Fire TV the nVidia Shield appears a better choice for a true one stop entertainment center. I should win because I’m probably the oldest here (67). Best reason ever,right?

  • Pierre-Luc Filiatrault

    NVIDIA Shield is the best box at the moment

  • Paul j

    I have a mxq and want the best box for the best build…. BEAST

  • Tiger King

    I need this box. I have a amazon fire stick and is slow and I need a much better box to watch movie, etc.
    Thank you for this opportunity.

  • Ronald

    Hi m8 nice contest, i am from The Netherlands and think that you do not ship it to Europe, but i want to say that i use the Beast daily with a lot of plessure thnx for that. And a Shield tv is a great thing to have. greatings Ronald.

  • Anthony

    Thank you for everything you do! I could really use only of these for the family room. I think the kids would love it. I would love to show them how to set it up. We always do stuff like that together. Thank you again for everything you do making the builds run smoothly.

  • Jon David


  • Robert Jacobsen

    I would like the Nvidea Shield because it is the best android box ever!!!

  • Hank Hill

    Awesome work man, I would love to win this because my current box is so sluggish and this is a Beast of a box and actually allow me to watch content

  • Juan Madrigal

    I want it cuz its the ish. Count me in.

  • Andrew kydd

    It’s without doubt the best box on the market … Magnificent piece of kit

  • Peter Ibrahim

    Again wow, now let’s try this again 🙂

  • Jacob Bautista

    I want it so I can upgrade from the sluggish amazon fire stick. We appreciate all you do for us!!

  • Oscar Ramos

    Thanks for all the info and your kick as YouTube channel….would love this to upgrade from my fire stick…again thank you for everything

  • EireTireoghain

    Charity! A charity of Techs choice or have a vote on social media to see which charity should get it.
    How do we know I will send it to charity you ask? Easy. Tech Timeruuu will send it directly to the charity I won’t handle it at all.
    If all us guys and girls are able to post on here then we have easy access to technology. Why not give to someone who doesn’t.

  • J. Ruiz

    A quien le amarga un dulce! apuntame ahi…papa


    Because I gave one away the other week and I thought they were amazing ha ha. Great giveaway again mate. ????????????

  • James King

    You got me excited, talking about how nice it is! I’m ready to brag about it too! Smile!

  • Vinay

    I’m a broke college student and want a good android box so I can actually watch movies/shows with the beast!! My parents have cut the cable already as costs were too much and having a nvidia shield to help them watch sports and other things with a shield would greatly help. Right now we are basically stuck without any entertainment on the TV!

  • Brandon Rivers

    Heard great reviews one of the top android boxes an would be cool to have

  • Jeff Bolick

    need it..want it..gotta have it

  • Wayne Nash

    I deserve it because I believe that DDOS attackers SUCK BALLS!

  • zaid

    Ojala gane gracias por toda tu ayuda

  • michael

    I honestly want it to so i can give it as a gift to my nephew that has been asking me for one. He wants to see all his animated movie. He bday is sept 5

  • Darren page

    For over 5 months ive been following you and other developer’s, ive learned a hell off alot and still learning. Keep up to good work , heard a great deal about this device looks awesome pretty please can i bin my mxq box

  • Mike Ferguson

    Heard this is the box to get as I don’t have a box yet and use my laptop i’m wanting this to use thanks

  • Dewayne Nix

    Cause im active in the navy and currently live as a geo bach in california and my family is in texas. This would make my life so much easier.

  • Mikey Nesbitt

    Because I when to buy one yesterday and found out they have been discontinued via ebuyer after being directed from nvida also out of stock

  • Jose Guzman

    Been wanting a nvidia shield !!!!

  • Robert Coole

    I have been able to learn alot from your tutorials and in Canada we don’t find anything like this without having to pay alot for…

    Thanks for even doing the giveaway…

  • EMD

    Game with my family and run Kodi

  • ianmayne

    Pretty Please with a Cherry on Top!

  • Bill Dailey

    Cause i need a new box to add to my arsenal

  • jperezmvp

    My son just started at UCF and I would give it to him, I’m sure he’ll love it. Thanks for the give away Tech Timeruuuuu

  • Arnaldo Colon

    i hope i win am crazy about this great system

  • brian

    I really need one 😉

  • Hiram Irlanda

    Best android tv box

  • Paul Longhurst

    Yes please I really need one

  • Chris Hooper

    I would like it to be donated to charity, but dont think they would be allowed to actually use the box due to all there policies!! Hopefuly they will!! Keep up the great work guys! The beast is the best!!!!

  • Jonathan King

    Tech your the best nothing can stop the movement! Thanks for the great videos always!

  • Ian Jones

    Why do i want it well because i haven’t got it!!!!

  • Stephen Moore


  • Mitten

    I would love this , I’ve been beast all the way from first time it launched

  • Phillip Rackham

    I’m going to Tenerife soon and would love to take this on my Journey to keep me entertained. Thank you for the hard work 🙂

  • Tim Young

    Best entertainment device.

  • wasim shahzad

    I would like to have this because it’s best device for kodi beast

  • Will Chaloner

    I’m using a cheap £30 box to dip my toes into this fantastic hobby. The Shield is regarded as one of the best units around. Me and the family would be over the moon to own something like this. All the best.

  • mini-me

    Ddos is bad for your health. Shield TV cures it all. Let me have this beast called Nvidia Shield TV

  • Christopher

    Thanks for all you do TT

  • Mickticfan

    I have a mx pro box but would love to upgrade to this megabox

  • Eddie Chang

    Its a beast and i cant afford it thanks

  • Lloyd Benjamin

    I would like the Nvidea Shield so I can root it and start doing dev work

  • Matthew Young

    I Was just about to buy one myself until I got the update. I live in the USA and have made a free build I call MechTech. I have a website I use to constantly update so people I give the build to can just update it from their home, and I would love for you guys to check it out. I do not want to do any soliciting on your web page even though the build is FREE. If you would like to email me at I would love to give you the website source to enter to have you look at my build and receive suggestions on things to improve it. You and Chris with the Beast build are great at what you do, and I would love to have the new Nvidia shield to add to my home. Thanks for all you do guys!

  • kemara grant

    Hi tech want to win this one

  • Thobias Nørve

    I want it because it’s gonna give me lots of joy.

  • NowVoyager

    I would love to have this because I am probably the only g-Mama on here. – Yep, it was me who told my son and grandson about The Beast. And the Nvidia Shield wouldn’t be for my grandson, it would be MINE because I rock The Beast!!! Go g-Mama!

  • Chris pomeroy

    Would love to win The nvidia shield because 1. I never win anything and 2. I luv my firestick, so I think I would love the Nvidia shield a lot as well and I support TECH TIMERUU!! Thanks, also nobody from WEST VIRGINIA never wins anything!!

  • Eliud Cabrera

    My parents need their first android box.

  • Vladimy 

    I’d like to win an Nvidia Shield because all the review I did on it I see is the best android device,I really want to win is a like dreams I wanna have that experience with this box,Thanks for give us that opportunity good luck everyone

  • DaWonAndOnli

    I would give this one to my son who just went off to college.

  • Jluis

    Awesome thanks for another opportunity I hope I can upgrade my entertainment center fire stick is not working for me and can’t afford one of this

  • Summer Clarke-Graham

    I would like to win this so i can play video games (new & retro) but i would also use if for kodi too. My current box (M8R) is okay but it doesn’t play games very well and kodi runs a bit slow. I would love to upgrade my entertainment center with this BEAST of a machine!

  • Adam Moochnek

    Great giveaway as usual Doubt T! Thanks a million, always wanted one.

  • Amin Ali

    This is a perfect way for my wife and 7 children to send family night together

  • Jose Cardenas

    I would like to win this giveaway, my girls would really enjoy having this Nvidia shield , especially it’s a nice system..

  • Rafy Carmona

    Never had one and I hear it’s the greatest!

  • Gaz

    Basically i want two but only want to pay for one so pick me & I’ll buy another ?

  • Samei

    I need it for my birthday ?

  • Steve

    I’d like it so I can put the beast on It and get rid of the last cable box I have, cut the cord 100%

  • nysteightofmind

    I would like to win the Nvidia shield. I hear great things. I hope I’m lucky this time around and my name is called. Thanks for all help tech!

  • Casey Gepford

    Would love to upgrade my Android box so I can stream alot better so my kids can watch Disney Jr and Nick Jr. And allow them to be able to watch the new release movies as well. Kid at heart and world to treat my kids to a great gift.

  • DonSemik

    I want it because I need it :),

  • Jason Freels

    I currently have a MX box that is on its last leg. My daughter would love the gaming ability with the Shield! 🙂
    No to mention…..the 30th is my BDay!!!
    Thanks TT!!

  • Jerry

    I want to use the best Kodi device and i hears this is it

  • Alanation

    Hello everyone. I would love a free nvidia shield tv.

  • Javier

    Sup techT…hope all’s well and man it’s about time I should get to try one of these baby’s out! So I’ve heard many good things about the “shield”. Best of luck and hope I win ?

  • simon thornton

    Hi tech would love to win that awesome box my mx8 is on way out, keep up the good work, thanks for doing what you do

  • Marco Astorga

    For my kids

  • Carlos

    IT would make a great gaming console since i already have games on my computer that support the nvidia shield with my graphics card. And also use kodi one it!

  • Tony

    For my livingroom to watch plex and kodi ohh and play some cool games

  • Daniel Masher

    I want as a gift for my mother who recently fell and badly bruised her leg

  • Charles Griffin

    Why would I not want to win the best streaming set top box available today? I have a Roku and a Amazon Fire TV box and would give them both up for the Shield.

  • Bobby Smith

    Would like to thank you for all the hard work you are putting in to give us the best build on kodi ,the beast rocks.

  • Phillip Tucker

    MR Tech i always listen to your video you always giving away things. I want one for my self to play game i never win any thing.

  • zain akhtar

    I want it because I would love to watch my favorite tv shows during my free time!

  • Sandro Pellicci

    I want it because…..oh wait no sob story…i WANT IT COZ ITS FREAKING AWESOME!!!!

  • Robert Turpin

    I’ve been using a raspberry pi for my kodi needs and I would love to havevthr power of an nvidia shield to be able to play games as well as watch tv

  • Gregg Hileman

    I would love to win this box bc currently I only have a firestick and would like something better to use kodi on that also runs emulator games and has good support for game controllers

  • I hope I can win this! I have been trying to win this for ever! Good luck to everyone!

  • Walter Hill

    Been wanting one for a long time, but with so many models as well as reviews of different models not sure which one to spend my money on. Been using my laptop, would love to try this box.

  • Benny Cruz

    yo thanks for the work you have put in. good luck with the web site.

  • Gerald Kelsey

    Im ready to cut the cable cord

  • Gregorio Quetzalcoatl Muñoz

    I need a console for my nephew and I don’t have enough for one. If I won this, I could at least get him some game with some play cards, and emulators.

  • Richard Peacocke

    The in laws are moving to my town. Need it for my safe room I’m building in the loft

  • Terry Holt

    I would like to have it because I would like to be a cable cutter and I would then promote how well it works. I would then encourage more people to cut the cord!

  • Derek

    I would love to give the Shield a try, also I would like to thank you for the best build and the easy install.
    Thanks again.

  • Michael Joel Febo

    I want one to give as a gift to a family member..

  • Noe Perez

    Hello TT, thanks for everything you do. Love your videos and info you give us. Your the best at this, also Chris B. Saludos.

  • Trevor Dickson

    I want it because your giving it away .

  • Andrew Terrazas

    I’ve been wanting a shield for awhile, but due to being a poor college student I have yet to afford one. Thanks for the great videos!!

  • danriz97

    I want it so my family will spend more time in the living room

  • The Rookie

    It’s time to upgrade!!!!!!!!

  • Bob Barnett

    hi tech
    would to try a shield

  • chad berry

    Man another draw I’m not gonna win I hope one of these days I could actually be a winner of the best box on the market so I could impress my friends for once.

  • chad berry

    Man another draw I’m not gonna win I hope one of these days I could actually be a winner of the best box on the market so I could impress my friends for once.

  • Jose Fuguet

    Man, you would be saving my life, my fire stick is gone and my girls have taken over the TV, you would giving me part of my manhood back!!! Nah… Just kidding, it would be great to show my wife that I was right all the time about the media center thing…. btw about the manhood is for real!

  • Jorge Rodriguez

    Tech is awesome!!!!!!!! DDOS attackers suck!!!!!!!!! Come on invidia shield!!!! Daddy needs an upgrade.

  • Ethan

    I have bought and tried every streaming player available from a Roku 4, Fire TV (twice), Apple TV, to a Nexus player (currently own). It lacks the boost I need. I am looking at a Nvidia Shield but it’s pricey. I would love to get my hands on one to see if this is most dominant streaming player. Thanks.

  • Patrick Gray

    I need to upgrade my Nexus Player!

  • Miguel Servantez

    because the nvidia shield is awesome. 🙂

  • Lakota Lichtwalt

    I am a single father and student. With limited resources I don’t spend money on luxuries like cable or anything that I truly unnecessary.

    I have internet and that is about it. I have Kodi running on an original Amazon Fire TV Stick I bought about a year and a half ago. This Shield would allow me to let the kids play games, have access to more things than just TV Addons, and just be more fun for them, as well as myself in general. A welcome break for all of us from our work and school lives.

    In short, it would be our media center. Our entertainment hub. Our small escape from the busy part of our days.

  • vmedina9621

    I can’t afford a Nvidia Shield. Please let me win! Boricua!

  • Harood Gresseau

    Just saying hi and keep up the great work.

  • Harood Gresseau

    Just saying hi and keep up the great work.

  • Paul Edges

    You guys are awesome, I want it because it will make me awesome too! We can be AWESOME together, not sure if i used that word too much but hey its awesome! Hehe

  • Angelo Hendricks

    Massive Kodi fan, I recently “cut the cord” and cannot get the SHIELD in South Africa where I live… please hook me up, dying to get my hands on one…

  • hayabusaranger

    Hi Tech Timeruuu,
    Thank you for all your amazing kodi videos. Have learned a great deal from and others you know like Husham!!!
    I would love an Nvidia Shield TV as we have cut the cable at home. And now just use Kodi for it all, only thing is having to disconnect and connect my laptop to the TV. My family would love one!!
    All the best and keep on YouTubing,

  • Vladimy 

    I’d like to win an Nvidia Shield because all the review I did on it I see is the best android device,I really want to win is a like dreams I wanna have that experience with this box,Thanks for give us that opportunity good luck everyone

  • zamarax

    Because my laptop just broke and I’m poor!

  • Michael Quiroz

    Hopeful that I could get it so I can give my daughter my fire tv.

  • Enrique Negron

    The Shield num #1 I like to win one have a nice day!!!

  • Enrique Negron

    I Will like to win a Shield Box”thank you have a nice day from Puerto Rico!!!

  • David Ruebush

    Would love this because there is a lot I’ve been missing out on since I had to cancel my cable.

  • Duane Hamlin

    It’s the best android box period.

  • Enrique Negron

    The Shield num #1 I like to win one have a nice day!!!

  • Enrique Negron

    The Shield num #1 I like to win one have a nice day!!!


    I’ll like to own one. I have a fire tv stick but I want something better. Good luck everyone.

  • Milton

    Help me cut the cord!

  • Ann Marie Rivera

    Love your youtube channel

  • Chase Watts

    i’d like to win this because I recently purchased a MQX box off ebay and it wasnt able to handle any builds, it was just stuck in a boot loop. I tried returning it and the sell said I couldnt return it so Im stuck with a paper weight now. This would be good karma my way. Thanks for the opportunity in winning this.

  • Alexander Buzz

    I’d like to surprise my Triplets with a new TV Box that includes amazing gaming. Thank you

  • Rodrigo Moraes

    i like big butts and i cannot lie is why

  • Tony

    I’ve been wanting one of these for so long but just haven’t been able to purchase one due to obligations for the family come first this is an amazing give away maybe I will be lucky enough to win if not just want to say thank you for this chance to win and good luck to everyone

  • Julio Cruz

    Time to upgrade my Fire stick with this Nvidia !!!

  • Julio Cruz

    Time to upgrade my Fire stick with this Nvidia !!!

  • Dan Booker

    Have had 2 great years with my current android box and hopefully another 2. Would love to see what kodi can do on a more impressive device though such as the shield.

  • Mike

    To upgrade from fire tv

  • Wessam ma

    wanted it so baddly


    my droid box is shot so need that bad boy asap miss my kodi

  • Greg Fleming

    I want an NVidia Shield to satisfy my god given right as a tax paying Amurican to have more stuff.

  • Greg Fleming

    I want an NVidia Shield to satisfy my god given right as a tax paying Amurican to have more stuff.

  • Juice

    Would love to upgrade from Amazon Fire tv # Team Tech Timeruuu

  • Juice

    Would love to upgrade from Amazon Fire tv # Team Tech Timeruuu

  • Peter Ramirez

    Ok why do I want the Nvidia Shield, simply put I think it’s the best thing out there. I have the stick with The Beast on it, works great but only imagine The Beast on the Nvidia Shield totally awesome?????

  • Peter Ramirez

    Ok why do I want the Nvidia Shield, simply put I think it’s the best thing out there. I have the stick with The Beast on it, works great but only imagine The Beast on the Nvidia Shield totally awesome?????

  • Del Delgado

    Keep up the awesome vids man. They are very helpful.

  • Del Delgado

    Keep up the awesome vids man. They are very helpful.

  • rvaldes820

    I would love this. I’m new to the notion of “cutting the cable”. I’ve dabbled with Fire sticks but I’d love a bump up to the big leagues

  • rvaldes820

    I would love this. I’m new to the notion of “cutting the cable”. I’ve dabbled with Fire sticks but I’d love a bump up to the big leagues

  • Reggee

    Whuttup Tech ! I Need This Box !!!

  • Reggee

    Whuttup Tech ! I Need This Box !!!

  • firetvmods111

    why do I want it relly. Its the top end box for kodi best you can buy only box that can handel the top games. Who wouldent want one this thing is incredible

  • Jluis

    Good luck everyone thank you tech timeruuu

  • Ken Grove

    Hello Tech! Love to have a Nvidia Shield.Its still the best android box out there.

  • Dee Jay

    What’s up Tech Timeruuu,,,good job on ur tutorials, there easy to understand and follow if you’re not technically inclined. I’ve learned everything about kodi, add-ons,repos,builds,and wizards from watching your tutorials. Thanks for the chance to win a great prize,win or lose,im still tuned in to see what’s next from you. P. S. To the ddos’ers,will you please hurry up and drink ur six cups of goat piss,and die already you rat bastards!!! All the way from Baton Rouge, La. Tech Timeruuu keep the show rollin

  • Bastardo George

    It looks awesome I just want it

  • trevor alister hazlewood


  • Marcus Romero

    “It’s just great.” In the famous words of Tech Timeruuu

  • Dany Unuevo

    I want it because its the best android tv box in the market. Thanks for this giveaway

  • Oldiebeezie

    I want it, because it’s the best out there is the market, and my broke ass cannot afford one, which is why I am a cord cutter that and because fuck the system.

  • Curtis Johnson

    Once you go Nvidia, you never go back! Would love to have another.

  • Jose Vega

    Hey Tech, I would love to win the NVIDIA Shield. I have heard great things about it and would love to get my hands on one. Thank you for all the help you give us.

  • Crazy Canuk

    Love your channel and what you guys do for us… Suck that some people thing DDoS is funny shit x.x

    Love to have the NVidia Shield.. been wanting one forever just can’t afford one ;/

    Keep up great work!

  • Tri

    Hi there
    i had heard Nvidia Shield is #1 Android TV box, and best streaming video. Hoping I am lucky enough to win one. Best regards
    Tri Tran. From Toronto.

  • jjpun

    This box has great reviews. I hope I can win this. Thanks for running this contest

  • Manos

    I Would LOve to Own a Nvidia Shield. It would be a massive upgrade on my current box.
    Thanks For all the great tutorials TT

  • Martin Souders

    I need to update my DigiStream with a new powerful NVIDIA box. Thanks for giving one away!

  • Dominic

    I would love a shield simply cause my box is no good no more and limited on what i can do and my funds are extremely limited and hey its a free nvidia shield its worth a shot for some help thanks for the tuts techt on YT much appreciated have a great day!

  • Action

    We are ready to get away from the stick

  • Bugatsinho

    One more chance to win this baby!!!

  • Th£Fir£$tickLord

    To Fucking Rule

  • Truewb 23

    Its time for me to win something! I always watch your videos hoping to have a chance. Thanks for doing these it makes it fun to hope.

  • Marvin Larin

    It’s time for me to win!

  • Marvin Larin

    It’s time for me to win!

  • football player

    i just would like very much to have one!!!

  • Serdal Tatar

    Always wanted one of these but don’t have the money for it. Currently have a fire stick tv, Would love to have the best box ever please

  • Madi J

    I’d like this because I don’t have a tv like this at all. My Tvs are decent but they don’t have all those apps and especially don’t have gaming attached to them. I also don’t have a game console, so this would be awesome to have. Thank you!

  • gina borjas

    I have tried to win one of them never win one 🙁 I guess I had bad luck

  • Joseph Munoz

    Thanks for giving the best box out there for free let’s hope I win!!

  • Jenson D’Souza

    As you rightly said. It is the best Android TV box and I would love to win one 🙂

  • Walking_Corpse

    To turn into a PLEX server/player for all my media needs

  • Dzenan Hodzic

    Nvidia Shield is best Andrid TV box and this time I want to win 🙂

  • Hole_Bole

    Nvidia Shield killing 🙂

  • Dzek

    Just I want it!!!!

  • Mark Smith

    Cause all I’ve got is a firestick and I’d like to step up my game. Great giveaway.

  • Teddie

    I would like it becase all ive got is a now tv and ite sooooooo bad

  • Phillip Mitchell

    I’ve tried Vidon, multiple MX2 boxes and FireTV sticks and they are all lacking in performance in some form. I want a device that really works perfectly for once with solid components and a wifi receiver that doesn’t have to be right up on a router to pick up the signal.

  • Wizzo Plays

    i want it for making youtube channel and get money from it and bring it to charity 😀

  • James

    Love to have it would be brilliant to watch a movie without buffering and breakdown.

  • Matt

    I want to cut the cord and this will make it happen!!!!

  • Constandinos Onisiphorou

    Great gift!
    Great Videos!

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    It was my 40th birthday last week and it would be the best present ever.

  • M&B Technology

    always the best site my friend.

  • Rodney Berryman

    I would love to win this because I’m going through a difficult time in my life right now and this might help me be a little happier.

    I won’t be upset if I don’t win though, I hope whoever does win enjoys it.

  • Action

    We are ready to get away from the stick,and we want to say thanks for all your helpful videos!!!

  • Des Gibbs


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    Simply the best one out there!

  • Jonathan Woods

    This would just be an awesome addon and would be enjoyed by my family and friends many times over.

  • Joseph Vega

    Thank you so much for the build!
    I would love to win to step up my kodi game from the fire stick.

  • Wilfred Smith

    I would like one because I have not got one

  • John Davey

    Thanks for the videos. And for the giveaways.
    Good luck everyone 🙂

  • Matt

    Want it because it is the best! All I hear is great things!

  • Neegood

    I’ve been off sick with vestibula neuritous for 7 months and I have subscribed to your Youtube channel and ages ago so I am loyal.

  • Jackson Bryson

    I have heard it is very good and is high quality and i have been Ddosed before and it sucks

  • Bruh Furly


  • Nate

    I just want to say thank you for the time and effort you put in your bulids as well as YouTube it is greatly appreciated keep up the great work Beast Mode Activated.

  • Leroy Burket

    Thanks for the opportunity to win

  • Josh Coleman

    Upgrade from FireStick. Thanks for doing a great job!

  • Timothy Wilson Jr.

    Thank you for your appreciation for your’s my wife and I 5th year anniversary and I want to put the beast on it so we can binge watch all weekend!

  • Mark

    I don’t win anything

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    Because it’s cool and I don’t have the money for this

  • Jason Testro

    i have fire stick im ready to take this to the next level….

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    I want to use it on our main tv and move the firestick to our nursey.

  • MentalMke

    Just got a Divorces and the woman got everything but the TV. So i’ll like it to start off my new bachelor pad with this nice piece of technology.

  • BayAreaSun .

    This is my 5th contest on a giveaway like this. It would be gratifying to win the Nvidia Shield and get rid of the $40 box I am currently sporting lol

  • Juan

    What up tech 43 years family guy work hard running KodI on windows vista old laptop. No money for upgrades. I loved to have this nvidia. Good look for everyone. ..

  • Jermaude Earl

    I love this Nvidia Shield product my sister has one that she got for her kids and they love it being a single father of four boys money is always tight here in my home and my kids love the Nvidia Shield because they play it a lot when we are visiting my sister I’ll even have my youngest tell me he was going to start collecting cans to help me Pay for one for him and his brothers

  • Roberto Varela

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  • Aimee Wehrle

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    I NEED to say THANK YOU for all that you have done and continue to do for us. Your knowledge, dedication, and time that you spend keeping us all up to date is truly remarkable, Now I just need a SHIELD to stay up date with you.!

  • Adam

    Hi guys! I’d love a brand new Nvidia Shield because, well, it’s a BEAST! Hands down the best Android TV box available! (the REAL Android TV OS, not some phone version slapped in a box). I’ve wanted one of these since forever and am always looking for ways to cut the cord completely. With this box, I can do just that. Plus, think of all the cute puppies and kittens it will save giving me this box!…ok,maybe not but it’ll save ME from boredom and that’s gotta count for something right? Right guys?

  • Greg Tanner

    I would love to have an Nvidia Shield as most everybody says it’s the best. Thank you!

  • Dave T

    I just want to see if it’s as good as everybody says it is?

  • Jay Chivers

    I have to try this to see if it lives up to the hype, my last 2 boxes have been shit ?

  • Kevin Doak

    It looks the dogs bollocks Tech

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    I need it so I can cut the cord and tell the cable company to kiss off.

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    Heard good things about the nvidia shield and looking forward to trying one out one day soon.

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  • hotamali

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    Wow! I really want the nvida shield! Looks amazing and I heard it was great for gaming, I would most likely spend most of my free time on it. My house is very boring and my andrid tablet is my only entertainment. Very boring…

  • Deven

    Its my turn to win.. Let’s go…

  • Luis Corcino

    Need the shield i finally have a decent straleamer lol …i will put the new encore on it??✌

  • Luis Corcino

    Need the shield i finally have a decent straleamer lol …i will put the new encore on it??✌

  • Blue

    Hey timerru,
    Love what ya do. I am a single father looking to win the shield for my daughter and I. We are hopping to run the beast on it for movie night.

    Thank you, keep up the great work.

  • Harry Brotzman

    I just bought a 4k tv i think the shield will go great with that. I want best streaming available… so please hook me up!!

  • Richard Cerato

    I wish people would stop complaining that they can’t download the beast when all they need to do is watch the video on how to install it.

  • Anthony

    Love the builds! I would love to eventually have one of these for every room in the house. The kids would love it.

  • Joel Ortiz

    Ive actually been wanting a sheild for a while now i have a lower end streaming box and im sick of all the buffering when my enternet is running at a good speed . ive done my research and the sheild is the box im gunna go with . win the givaway or lose i will have u one day nvidia shield ?7

  • Christina Michelle Jones

    I have an Amazon Fire TV box, but I want better with more memory. I’ve been hearing how great the Nvidia Shield TV is and that it’s the best Android TV box. I’d love to win this for my 4K TV. 🙂

  • tenzin norphey

    hi tech thanks again for your generosity. Wanna try luck!

  • Magnt0

    Wow man! Big fan (royalist) I can’t believe you guys were getting Denial of service attacks, so that explain me not being able to install the wizard ? What low lives. Keep it up we all luv the builds and tutorials!

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    I’m thinking replacing my old MX2 box

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  • James Green

    It’s time to SUPERCHARGE the entertainment in our family room! Hook it up TT

  • Alicia Moses

    I need this! Well, actually I want it, but I feel like I need it. I have become a self-proclaimed ambassador for Kodi with my family and friends and often recommend the MXQPro android boxes as a cheap first date into the streaming world. I understand the Nvidia Shield is the porterhouse of boxes so let’s just say I’m ready to go to the steakhouse!!

  • shirvon

    Good day Mr Tech, apart from being a loyal royalist build user on my trusty but outdated android box and compared to the reviews you`ve done on nvidia shield and even the clone wanna be box . who wouldn’t want the real deal nvidia shield, this box is the proving to be the ultimate in home entertainment and i would love to be a part of the new revolution. Thanks in advance and keep up the great work .

  • Harty

    I want it because I have been using kodi for around a year now and without the help of the beast and your videos Tech, I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy all the entertainment I have with my friends and family.

  • Steve

    Been looking at these since before they came to the uk, always wanted one so plz make an old man happy and let me win

  • Martin

    Would love this so I can eat more popcorn 😛

  • Jack Browning

    Because the $30 Chinese knockoff Android box that I have now takes too long to load things, has buffering issues and likes to freeze at only the important parts of a show or movie, thus making me rewind and rewatch in hopes that it doesn’t do it again. Seriously makes me want to throw it through a window, take a dump on it, box it up and ship it back. I assume the Nvidia Shield would eliminate all of this, no? It looks great, and I need it. Wanna ride bikes?

  • Mikey Rodriguez

    Saludos desde DE! Appreciate the time and dedication you guys put in for the community. Long time sub/follower, 1st time writing/commenting. I’ve learned so much thanks to you all. I’ve been able to help save my loved ones so much. Much respect! GOD BLESS!

  • Rob Grissom

    I nknow the sheriff is the best out there I nknow the sheriff is the best out there period. Would love to have for my family of 6 to enjoy family time and save money on going out. I have been researching a lot about the shield and it amazing price of engineering. Thank You. Would love to hard ve for my family of 6 to enjoy family time and save money on going out. I have been researching a lot about the shield and it amazing price of engineering. Thank You

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    Hope i win it this time lol

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    I really would like one because i hate COMCAST and I’m looking forward to cut the cords forever. Sick and tired of high price cables.

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    First of all thanks for all the great work you have been offering, i’ve shared with everyone i come in contact with during my work which is with Servpro. Never won anything so it would be a first. bought several android boxes; i’m a big fan and the NVIDIA SHIELD is in my wish list on Amazon. so here’s to putting it out there. THANKS.

  • Kadian Thomas

    I really like the Nvidia shield because it is a complete entertainment package for my family to enjoy.And i love the gaming on it.Mr Tech i would love to have nvidia shield because standard living in jamaica is deprecating and it is going a will for me to save up about 30,000 jamaica to get it.

  • Walton_H

    Of course Timeruuu comes out off the DDOS attacks on top! When you provide top notch services and 100% commitment, there is always a family backing ya up! I have always wanted a nVidia Shield however, funds are short, its super hard thinking of ways to tell your kids why they cant have the newest games like the other kids at school. Then your kids become the poor kids and the bully onslaught begins! Congrats to who ever wins!

  • Jonathan Tirado

    Hey I think your instructions are awesome

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    It would be awesome to have to play the PC games in the living room after watching some good stuff on The Royalist!

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    So i can enjoy movies tv show and music with friends and family

  • Jorge Garcia

    I Never Enter Contest Other TT’s Nvidia Give Aways! Why Cause He’s Been True From The Get Go! and Know I Won’t Be Scammed Into Buying Some Other Dumb Product I Don’t Want or Get A Ton Of New Telle Marketers Calling Me or Emailing Me! LOL So Here I am Again Once Again Entering ThisNvidia Contest For The Same Reasons As Ever! Gaming, Streaming, Better Family Movie Nights & Most Of All For The BRAGGING RIGHTS!

  • ralph

    Just want to experience the top of the line tech on my tv.

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    Hey I’m in to win it well I have a new TV if I could win this my setup is complete Yep .. what up Tech

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    I want it so I can put it in my living room so me and my family can always watch movies whenever we want 😀 we always have movie night but we always watch just old DVD movies with this we can finally change it up 😀

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    this baby needs a loving home,one here waiting lol

  • Brian Auclair

    I’ve wanted a shield for a long time now!! I want to rule my living room with the ultimate android box!!!!!!

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    I would run Kodi on it and use it to replace my firestick.

  • Always wanted one.. I love kodi and my son loves games!! It would make a perfect addition to my family,!! Thanks for the chance..

  • I would like to upgrade a tv to Android.

  • prbello69

    i would love to use the Nvidea Shield for Kodi and for the games that i have from the playstore, i only have the firesticks and a low end android box and would love the upgrade and pass one of the firesticks to my daughter….. 🙂

  • Mark Mendieta

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    Thanks TT & DDOS

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  • Kirisaki itami

    Basicslly i am a college student. I live away from my parents , i work 7 hours in the night after college. And i live in a flat with no tv. So it will be a very good thing to experience 🙂 .

    • Epic Waffle

      Um, you need TV for nvidia shield

      • Kirisaki itami

        Well then that will be a reason to get a tv 🙂 finally ahaha.

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    Dude, i’m moving out of my parents house and this thing would be the best thing to happen for me and my room mate. I’ve got no extra cash for entertainment and gaming, all I have is my 2014 hp pavilion laptop so this would mean the world for me and my buddy. It’ll be awesome if I were to win this giveaway and I would appreciate it very much man.

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    Would love to win this powerful and beautiful box since I am stuck with a crappy china box

  • Scott Warden

    Would like to give one to my son


    I would love to have it cause it is the best out there and I can’t afford it cause I got to many bills with paying all the doctor bills from my son to my heart attack last year and I love watching movies on the Beast build.

  • Juan Dtrinidad

    I would like to win this amazing give away because I live paycheck to paycheck and I would enjoy it to the fullest .

  • Angel Gonzalez

    will like this box because the one I have just sucks. Plus you have
    made it next to impossible to register for your forum. I have been
    trying for months to register and haven’t heard from an admin.

  • Nikki Wells

    Hi! I really want to win the Shield simply because I coveted it since I first clapped eyes on one!! I help people with Kodi when and where I can and I don’t pester for help myself unless I’ve read posts first ?. Been a The Beast supporter since we got our box a year ago. Have I told you all how awesome you guys are?? Because you are ?. In all seriousness, it would be a most welcome addition to our household, especially since I haven’t won anything except an orange viscount biscuit when I was 7 at a kids disco ?. Fingers and toes crossed x

  • Tricia Mcdonald

    love to have one

  • Mark Rowley

    Would love this tried a fire TV but would love this for the main room of the house as I am a casual gamer as well good luck everyone

  • Epic Waffle

    I wish that i win tomorrow cause i can’t offer it 🙁 And good luck everyone!

  • Stressed Eric

    Well who wouldn’t want to win one!!!!!!!!

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    I already have one in my bedroom and would love to have another in my living room thats all.

  • Kenny

    I already have one in my bedroom and would love to have another in my living room thats all.

  • Neil

    would love to have one and the wife will not let me spend the money 🙁

  • Neil

    would love to have one and the wife will not let me spend the money 🙁

  • Frank Hernandez

    I really need one it looks awsome but i just cant aford it

  • Alfredo Fumacas

    It’s the sickest box out there, it would be great to get my hands on it!. Keep up the good work

  • Andrew Lewis

    My Nexus Player is aging! There are more games on the Shield, as well.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Epic Waffle

    Good luck everyone tommorow!

  • TheManeuverability

    Wife will finally believe my computer work actually pays off

  • Anthony Rodriguez

    It will be upgrade because Im using a fire stick. I hear lots of good things from the nvidia shield

  • Jose Pilero

    I’ll be so happy if win this, to use it on my bedroom

  • Tyler Azzaro

    I would like to be chosen as the winner because I can’t afford to buy one of these on my own. We don’t have cable and NFL football season is here. PLEASE PICK ME

  • John van Dorsten

    I want to win this because I’m too cheap to buy it myself.

  • Erik Rummler

    Would love to win! 🙂

  • Muraad Samir Moore

    Would love to win a Nvidia shield and use for my emulators

  • Chris Spurlock

    A long long time ago, in a country not so far away, the evil Corporate America was strong holding its grip on the innocent people of the United States. Led by cable providers Darth Cox, General DirectTV, and the Emperor Comcast, they slowly squeezed the entertainment life of the people. But unbeknownst of the evil Corporate America there was a promising disturbance. That disturbance was a man but not any ordinary individual. No this man was different, a rebel. He had learned the powers of the Royalist and Beast and was getting stronger every moment. To one day face the evil Corporate America with his middle fingers in the air and say, “suck it you greedy bastards.”

    This man is destined to do great things but he needs help. He needs a weapon to fight the dark side. The NVIDIA Shield is that weapon and together they will become victorious. That man will sit his fat ass on his couch all weekend long and watch more college football, NFL, and movies than anyone has ever seen. There will be game playing. Oh yes, games will be played. He’ll play those games at the sacrifice of his weekly productivity. It will be a long and difficult journey but this man will do it for the greater good.

    • Dude this was EPIC! We have a winner

      • Chris Spurlock

        Awesome! This is what happens when you’re sleep deprived.

    • Mixdoctor

      Chris that was a fantastic statement buddy well done you deserve to be a winner, now enjoy your world of FREE entertainment and put your middle finger in the air and say “no more do I pay” lol

  • Equͥinͣoͫx

    I want this because I want to show off to my friends and family and be able to enjoy myself and not go threw the hustle of trying to use the chromecast for kodi.

  • Dave T

    I just want to see what all the fuss is about?

  • raymond hirons

    Love one mate, wish you would start back up making kodi wizards.

  • Kevin Ford

    I think I should win it because my fire stick isn’t the best. I try my best to do right for people and always mean I go without myself.

    This would be an amazing prize not just for myself but my daughters who absolutely love the kid beast build.

    Thank you for the hard work Devs.

  • Epic Waffle

    Would love to win!!! Thank you Tech Timeruuu

  • Andy Sharrett

    Would like the upgrade over my firestick

  • Dwayne


  • Stuart Smith

    Best Android box on the market for running Kodi and playing games. Would already have one if I could afford it. Besides, you missed my birthday on the 6th so you can make up for it by letting me win this Nvidia Shield which I need.

  • Dave

    Looking to upgrade my fire tv box

  • japello1

    Just got my pine 64 and I want to see how good it is I need to upgrade ?

  • jackie franklin

    looking for an upgrade to my stick….

  • Epic Waffle

    Woah extended

  • Epic Waffle

    Woah extended

  • Aimee Wehrle

    Yippie!!! another chance at the shield and this amazing offer. Would be the perfect ? Birthday present for me on the 6th. Fingers crossed!!!

  • Aimee Wehrle

    Yippie!!! another chance at the shield and this amazing offer. Would be the perfect ? Birthday present for me on the 6th. Fingers crossed!!!

  • Del Mall

    love to have this for my daughter…

  • Keith Weiland

    I have had 3 cheap android TV Boxes die on me and I need something better now.

  • Isaac S K Vigilla

    Would love one for my family and elderly grandparents.

  • Nathan Ramos

    Something New Something Fun would love to have an NVIDIA SHIELD!!

  • Javier Montiel

    I want it to use kodi. I would love to have an nvidia shield.

  • Paul Barnes

    That is an amazing bit of kit,takes streaming to another level,

  • Michael Banks Jr

    I need this device.

  • Gregory Coeriel

    To go over the top with the beast on it.

  • chris d

    Because student loans have taken all my money and I can’t afford one.

  • Julian Ochoa

    Need a new android box, so why not the best

  • Dcatt

    New to streaming and would like the best.

  • Ryan

    Because it looks like an awesome piece of kit that I won’t be able to afford for a while!

  • Craig M.

    Netflix in 4k and a huge gaming catalog !!

  • Greg Sexsmith

    It comes down too basic my pic I was using for streaming died now I have just my tablet. I really need to replace my family entertainment centre. So hopefully you pick me as the winner. Please and many thanhs for all the good work and tutorials you do!

  • Jimi

    thanks again for a chance to win a cool device

  • Hector Garcia

    I want to find out how awesome it is!

  • Sammy Torres Collazo

    It is the Best Android TV ever created… We want one for my Birthday….Pleeeeeease …. Thanks Guys for the awesome work…

  • michael

    I honestly want it for my nephew. He birthday is sept 9. He been asking and i belive it will be the perfect suprise gift!

  • Anthony McLain

    I’ve been trying to win a box for my mum who’s retired and gets enjoyment out of watching her favorite shows. I’ve entered every giveaway you’ve had in hopes of surprising her with an awesome TV Box.
    Good luck everyone and much love!

  • Kadian Thomas

    I want to win Nvidia shield so very badly.

  • Tan Nguyen

    I have a firestick and would love a upgrade

  • Rodrigo Moraes

    i lika do da cha cha

  • naif alsubaie

    Good luck guys.

  • Epic Waffle

    I want TV box for my tv

  • loop6719

    Tech how is the winner going to be announced?