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Common standard HID protocol, standard USB device, no drivers, plug and play.
High-precision 6-axis gyroscope, make the effective distance farther, more sensitive and accurate.
Super cool shape, double-sided design, with 10 buttons support learning, multiple function in-one, air mouse, mini keyboard, motion sensing game controller.
F21 is widely compatible with Windows, Android, Aliyun OS, IOS operating system device, such as living room PC, smart TV, Internet set-top boxes, Android projectors and other equipment.

Model: F21
Wireless Frequency: 2.4GHz
Wireless distance: 15M
Battery capacity: 2*AAA battery
Multimedia function keys: Yes
Keyboard/Mouse Interface: USB
Keyboard/Mouse Connection: Wireless
Applicable: Home/Office/ gaming /notebook
Support: living room PC, smart TV, Internet set-top boxes, Android stick, etc.

1,3D motion sensing game function only supports Android 4.0 or more system and Aliyun OS system device.
2, For the smart TV without IR remote control, the power key just can shut off the TV and unable to start, cause when the USB port power supply stopped, F21 receiver also stop working.
3, When you open or close the motion sensing games, or you want to increase or decrease the volume, you need to press the mouse key opening and motion sensing gaming keys or volume plus or minus keys at the same time.Precise location, flexible operation, holding F21 in the hands, as long as the wrist rotates slightly, the cursor will corresponding to move appropriately and accurately point to every pixel on the screen, sampling frequency of up to 125Hz, flexible and smooth operation, showing a high level of smoothness.
Advanced transmission technology, stable and efficient, advanced 2.4GHz wireless transmission technology, guaranteed within 15 meters of any 360° operation, also effectively eliminate the delay and loss of signal, convenience and freedom at the same time, bring more fun online experience.
Intelligent power-saving technology, are durable, energy saving and environmental protection. Using two AAA battery designs, with unique intelligent power-saving function, when the product is not being used, it will automatically enter the sleep state, and the battery also supports more than 180 days, so you do not need to replace the battery frequently.
Ultra-comfortable feel, combined with ergonomic design, streamlined shape, to bring you the best experience, it also make your hand at the grip position, your hands can be more easily and freely.
This motion sensing remote control is designed for smart TVs, set-top box network, with a wireless mouse, wireless keyboard, IR learning remote control and other functions, keep your Smart TV, Internet set-top boxes more fun and more convenient.


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