Evening All,

It’s been a particularly tough day in the Kodisphere today and Lady Jean from the **** Community (we have to keep it secret cool) wanted to share some GOOD news today.  Well, here is a list of addons that are goin to keep operating, at least for now anyays.  Please make sure you share the post and spread the good cheer.  Notable on this list is BOB which we are thrilled to hear will be sticking around.

– Shaney’s Repo
– Project Cypher
– Maverick
– Black Hat
– At the Flix
– Stream Army (Silent hunter in here)
– iStream
– Evolve
– Christian TV
– Arawak TV
– Urbankingz
– White Devil
– Cold Keys
– Made in Canada
– Noobsandnerds
– Pandora’s Box
– Beau’s Place
– Wolfpack
– Zen (will be in repo noobsandnerds, more info soon)

Down temporarily
– SALTS (supposed to get new Dev)
– CCloud (temporarily pulled

Thank You 🙂 And Have A Great Day.
The Mixdoctor Team Member of koditalk.org


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