Keyboard maker Matias announced a new backlit version of its Mac-centric Wireless Aluminum Keyboard during CES yesterday. The keyboard, which will be available in Silver and Space Gray colors, builds on the company’s impressive and already-available Wireless Aluminum Keyboard.

Designed from the ground up with Mac users in mind, the Wireless Aluminum Keyboard sports characteristics such as a number keypad, multi-pairing supporting up to four devices, and 1-year rechargeable battery life for wireless connectivity.

For the upcoming backlit version of the Wireless Aluminum Keyboard, Matias has introduced a second battery, which works independently of the main battery. This second battery is solely dedicated to the keyboard’s backlight, and provides 1-2 weeks of backlighting from a single charge.


Although the original Wireless Aluminum Keyboard checked off a lot of boxes for Mac users, one of the lingering complaints revolved around the lack of backlighting. With the addition of a backlit version of the keyboard, Matias has addressed one of the primary issues with the original release.


You can grab the original model without back light today, or you can pre-order the $139 backlit version in Space Gray or Silver, with a scheduled ship time of June 2017.

The great thing about the Matias keyboard is that it offers a full-sized experience that’s wireless. Apple only makes a wired version of its full-sized keyboard. Once we get our hands on the updated model with backlight, we’ll be sure to post a full hands-on.

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