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Transform your TV experience with 4K streaming, advanced gaming, and Android TV—only on the NVIDIA® SHIELD Android TV Box. SHIELD also comes with GeForce NOW™, the only game-streaming service that delivers GeForce GTX gaming to your TV, instantly.

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This is a giveaway (FREE) for 3 16GB Nvidia Shield Tv with remote.
To enter just basically tell us why do you want it?
Giveaway ends Friday June 17th 4PM Eastern time.

Good luck guys.

Thank You 🙂 And Have A Great Day.
The Mixdoctor Team Member of

  • olim911

    Would mind an Nvidia at least
    So my box would be like the wizard…a beast!
    Something with a bit of power and see how it goes
    To shut out the mrs with more of the Euros
    So have i blagged a box from you?
    What you saying Tech Timeruuu

  • miraclmoore

    Because I can give it to my daughter for graduation! It would be the ultimate surprise! Good luck to everyone!

  • Avity

    I would love to have it because it would be the perfect addition to my family room. Adding movies and shows with gaming, myself and my 4 kids would love it!

  • Kevin

    Would love to use it in our nursery since we just found out we are having our first kid!

  • zaid8328

    Me gustaria ganar la nvidia para mirar las apps con mis hijas y disfrutar kodi suerte a todos y gracias por tu trabajo

  • markeb

    who wouldn’t want the best of the best to make the most of the best of the best, I’m talking tha ‘beast’of course. my grandson can have my droid box for his bedroom then 😉

  • danriz97

    I want it for my family so we can all watch shows, movies, and play games together

  • hanc7

    I would like the Nvidia Sheild box as it sounds like something out of the Transformers.
    Thank you…..

  • oldiebeezie

    The answer is really quite simple, i cant afford to buy one especially with a remote, my firetv stick just is not cutting it, the one and only build i use is “The Beast” by our mate shout out to Chris Blower

  • kcgepford

    It would be a great gift to give to my dad for fathers day so he can play all his old western movies.

  • tuff_cowboy

    I would use it for gaming, movies, and of course favorite tv shows.

  • 4FR0

    The main reason I want it would be that I would like to see the true potential of kodi and cut the cord for good. I’ve been using Amazon Fire stick for a while now but it just doesn’t live up to the potential that kodi can deliver. GL everyone!

  • zaid_fox

    Well… Beast of a machine! Something to make the theater experience in home that much more fun. This addition.. would just have to turn a room in to a theater!

  • biosix

    I would like the Nvidia Shield so that I may partake in the android tv experience.

  • mestour

    i want it so i can play retro games on the go

  • mikegalan553

    Why, because I can’t afford one

  • myyybaad

    Well, there are many reasons why I would want the Nvidia Shield, well me and my grandpa love watching movies together ever since I was a kid he would put movies for us to watch over and over again. As for a kid it was the best, now I want to give him the same joy he gave for me because he just turned 86 years old and he is very ill and might not make it to the end of the year so I want him to still feel happy for the time he has left. I know he will be because since I watched all the movies and shows I wanted as a kid now it’s time for me to give him that joy and watch and do anything he wants to do now. That is really why I want to win this not just for me but for him.
    Thank You.

  • Stingray2514

    Would love an Nvidia shield because it would be a nice housewarming present for my family. We will be living together again after being apart for the past 4 years. We have a lot of catching up to do and we have our best memories around our house being together enjoying a game, movie or working out.

  • 312swag

    Winning the 16GB Nvidia Shield TV would show the power of reciprocation to my Media students. How it’s important to engage with our sources ( Spartanpixel ) that provide us with great value! So therefore I’m always preaching how we must engage on social sites, by showing our appreciation by simply hitting the like buttons & leaving comments etc. I would love to show my prospects the difference in quality with this high performance product and my inferior M8 stream box that I do my presentations with through out my community!

  • Knuckleupufc

    i want it so i can use it in my entertainment room !
    Thanks for the giveaway

  • tlfloyd1

    I would love have this to put in our NCO Club at armory. I am in the National Guard and the NCO Club is where we keep an area for soldiers of our unit can come and hang out and this would make a great addition seeing how all the stuff is funded out of our pwn pockets.

  • echang

    I would love the Nvidia shield for my man cave for all my sports. I hear this is an awesome box and can hold tons. If not that then it will be placed in my family room to watch some great movies and maybe even play some games. Thanks Tech and keep up the great work

  • Jenava951

    I want it because It would be like my own personal gaming/computer/ Beast station. What more than to have the best to use it on.

  • duhst

    I have a 2 month daughter with Colic…… Daddy needs HIS time! And no better time spent on the Nvidia Shield!

  • pspredbury

    Would love to Win this, love playing old and new games. And open up a whole new world for watching movies for the whole family to enjoy.

  • CDubb

    Would love to win it for my son.

  • XxPiratexX

    Would love to win this just cause i never win anything.

  • wardio

    I want becuase TECH say i need one. He says its the best box to have and hes the BEST KODI youtuber known to man. and since i wanna be just like him, i need to box to do it. plus i just deserve it. 🙂

  • abovedavig

    Wow, now that is a solid giveaway. I have been wanting one of these for a long time for one simple reason – its the best box out there. Congrats to whomever the lucky winner is. Good luck all!!!!

  • Pierre J

    This is Awesome and exciting news. You and all the developers have done very well in informing us (the public) on news and updates. I can only imagine the hard work it must take to do so. The reason I would like the NVIDIA shield is because I like to try all the new builds and add-ons that is currently out there in the world and or market and to have the opportunity to give my feedback to everyone else on such a powerful piece of hardware such as the NVIDIA SHIELD TV would be great. Everyday I am learning something new and will continue to help others and this opportunity to win is very exciting news. Good Luck to everyone and thanks TT for the opportunity.

  • bugatsinho

    I would love to have it cause i dont have a box yet…im still having my laptop connected to my tv…im sure it gonna help me a lot and of course its the best ANDROID BOX out there….hope to be mine

  • mmeyers

    Like I’ve said in many Shield giveaways I’ve participated in “I use 3 Raspberry Pi2’s stacked in a case that 1 Shield could replace” I have had android boxes but none stacked up speed wise to Pi and I would love the chance to try this bad boy out!!! Thanks for consideration! Mandingo

  • Alphagrrl

    I would love to have the Shield! I started out with a Firestick. Then I bought a Fire TV. The Shield is the next logical step, and I would certainly prefer to WIN it!

  • antbitious

    It would be an early Christmas gift if I would be lucky enough to win. I have a basic box currently. I would like to know first hand if the hype is real.

  • cpuken

    I could use this tablet both for Kodi and also to fly my Phantom 3 Advanced quad copter. I’ve been told use with the Phantom will be superior to my Nexus 7 tablet.

  • Dec1slh

    The NVIDIA shield is awesome….’nuff said.

  • russventi94

    I could use it for my living room and completely cut the chord for good. Fire sticks aren’t cutting it anymore.

  • Jrod332383

    I’m not going to make up a story or anything like that, i will be straight honest, who wouldn’t want to win the awesome nvidia shield , i think we can all agree on that, with that being said i do wish good luck to every one and hope my name gets chosen.

  • legion02

    I want one to be able to try out the shield hub and the awesome kodi eres setup on it.

  • tides96

    Wth… because it’s FREE!!! lol

  • ike1670

    I hurt my back at work and now am disabled. It would be something to keep my mind busy testing it.

  • huero

    Ill give the shield to my Dad becouse his paying to much on cable. And this will be a good gift for Fathers day.. And thanks for the gifrs you do. And all that work u do on kodi. ?

  • pjose411

    Just started our cord cutting household and I could use this for the kids room.

  • Celestial

    I would appreciate winning Nvidia Shield because it would bring joy to my life. Thank you for all of the work you do and for hosting this great giveaway! ?????

  • RedonkaBert

    It would really great if I won this Nvidia Shield… I live with my 2 teenage nephews and my niece that’s in grade school and they’ve taken over my other Shield (seriously, those little turkeys love that thing!)… So it’d be nice to have one all to myself… 🙂
    Thanks for all that you guys do and for putting on this awesome give away!!!

  • [email protected]

    I would love to put the Shield in my Man Cave!!

  • Osc000

    Tech this is the best box ever made i will love to get it for my brother Birthday is the 20th of this month I would love to see his face when he has one like this one knowing that he thinks that the fire-stick is super impressive he just don’t have any idea what is really impressive anyways good luck to everyone great super giveaway tech.

  • WireLess

    I could give this Great Device to Sister Mary Teresa from Saint Mary’s Covenant. The Covenant currently has no tv for the Sisters to watch their Religious channels Like EWTN….Bless You My Brother…

  • trinib

    LOOK LOOK ….If you love you dad you would understand….i would like to win it for him on father’s day,and that would be the best!!!..i also have 1 of the coolest build, check it out if you want

  • garfield411

    I would like to to have the shield. it would be nice to have

  • barry369nc

    I was born on Friday 13th. Would be nice to win.

    • admin

      Is that you Jason? Haha

  • Tactical_Ace27

    I want it for my little brother’s birthday next month.

  • will7201

    I unfortunately bought a cheap Emish Android box to get ‘into’ Kodi, and it’s awful! It won’t run the Beast Encore even! I’m disabled and cannot afford a Shield so would love to win/own one.
    Thanks for the opportunity, cheers Will.

  • Loadiave

    I’d love the have the shield tv so I could have both a fantastic media center, and a powerful gaming console.

  • maiyagygery

    I just want to try the device.
    Is it good?
    Maybe i can write a review for you. 😀

  • Gorba

    I would like to win the Nvidia Shield so i can give it to my son for his birthday present on 17 june. That would be the nicest birthday present ever!

  • Brockmark8

    I work in a hostel with guys with enduring mental health conditions, their tv ariel is broken and dnot have funds to fix it right now, they have an Internet connection, but no way watch euro football. This would go a long way to giving them a better quality of life , social inclusion, & help them on their recovery journey. I will keep looking at other ways to help them out. Thanks for a chance here none the less

  • dan442

    to see what the fuss is all about

  • Barukz

    Just because. The shield is great. You’re great. I’m great. I won, great.

  • kamaal

    Love the Nexus Player and Android Tv. Time to make it 4K. Go Shield.

  • dmwilson220

    I want one because it would easily be the best way to play my PC games in smoother room while my wife works on her computer in our home office.

  • Ray

    I want it because, it is the best to use kodi on, with the Royal and beast build. you and chrisb keep up the great build you make you both rule!!!

  • Ray

    I want it because, it is the best to use kodi on, thanks for all your hard work xx

  • ConOnis

    Why would I like it? Why would anyone won’t like it!!!
    Also my 10 year old son said its: Wow…!!!! Its Cool!!

  • maxster93

    I would definitely use the Shield for gaming as I don’t have a gaming console. I’d also love to watch Youtube on a bigger screen. I’d probably even subscribe to Netflix and watch some TV shows with it.

  • hilaryroy

    I would love this , new to all this, just learning as I go,but this would be a great setup to have !

  • Nvidia is the “BeAst” machine …

  • kodiman

    love to have it to send it back home Africa
    for my church school to have it .

  • Haze920

    Because is the best!

  • fernamig

    This would be a tremendous gift to give to my 2 young boys who love watching movies with my wife and I. Currently we have the firestick in their room and this would be a tremendous upgrade!

  • Jose

    I’d like to win this nvidia shield to Share with my family and friends all the best of the royalist, how fast and awesome is with just the add ons that really need to see movies and TV shows also in Spanish too and live tv.

  • Wasimshahzad59

    I would like have one please so i can find out what is it

  • bay_bye

    i would love one because I am a 61 year old retired sailor who served in the Canadian Navy for 27 years and I only have my pension as income so who greatly appreciate one..thanx for your consideration…

  • dwtorres

    Would love to replace my ancient laptop that is currently my Plex server…

  • Chungz

    I would really really like a nvidia shield as i cant really afford one! And im in to kodi (ALOT) aswell ive been following tech timeruuu for along time and he is a G at what he does! Plz let me be able to enjoy a nvidia shield console as it would make my dream come true!!!

  • Retro

    As my daughter frequently reminds me, the firestick is sometimes a pain. That being said, it would be nice to experience kodi on the best system out. I would like to purchase the Nvidia Shield as I have heard the reviews but my family is in the process of moving/downsizing so I can’t afford it now. I may buy it sometime down the line after settling in and finding a new job, but it would be really nice to win it! I apreciate the opertunity. Keep doing good work.

  • elborracho1

    I love to win the Nvidia Shield so I can watch my favorite movies and TV shows and drink my Micheladas

  • pstucker2002

    I would love have a NVidia Shield because it it the best. I can Have my media sever on it to share to content with my family in my home home and play game on it. GOD BLESS YOU KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

  • dhamlin

    Nvidia Shield is the best android media player period & I want one bad.

  • Tom95612

    I’ve seen a couple of your videos. I would just like to get into the world of kodi. This looks like the prefect product for it.

  • Rabbit17

    It would be great to have something that works flawlessly.

  • lyee4248

    I heard rave reviews about it and would love to win one since I can’t afford it due to a job loss. But if I don’t win, I would purchase one when I get a job. Thanks for having this giveaway.

  • Kingskidsx4

    Going to win it! I receive that!

  • Kingskidsx4

    Thanks in advance!!!! I’ll take it!

  • voice99

    Someone once said that the difference between men and boys is the size of their toys. I really enjoy tinkering…and playing…and watching my Android box with the latest Kodi build. My box is a relatively cheap box, but I would much rather get one that works well, and his well-programmed, like the Nvidia Shield. I like the variety of apps, and the fact that they “just work.” I don’t have an especially touching “sob story” to give here. I just enjoy playing with my new hobby, and the Nvidia is probably the best way to engage in that hobby.

  • ADP0361

    I actually bought one for my Dad since he is retired, and not only does he love using it, he has been able to save approximately $75 a month on his cable bill. Loves the Beast build. Unfortunately, now I can’t afford to buy one for myself. And when I saw you are giving one away, figured I give it a shot. You are literally one of the few on You Tube who actually gives back to your loyal followers. Which I find incredible!! Even the You Tubers who have 100,000 followers are yet to give absolutely anything away to thier followers. Which proves to me they just want clicks and views for themselves, and could care less about those who follow them. Thank you Champ. You display what this community should really be

  • ADP0361

    I actually bought one for my Dad since he is retired, and not only does he love using it, he has been able to save approximately $75 a month on his cable bill. Loves the Beast build. Unfortunately, now I can’t afford to buy one for myself. And when I saw you are giving one away, figured I give it a shot. You are literally one of the few on You Tube who actually gives back to your loyal followers. Which I find incredible!! Even the You Tubers who have 100,000 followers are yet to give absolutely anything away to thier followers. Which proves to me they just want clicks and views for themselves, and could care less about those who follow them. Thank you Champ. You display what this community should really be about.

  • heachico

    I’ve had the fire stick for a while now, I would love an upgrade..

  • Galahad

    Living in Canada and stuck inside so long in the winter months, it would be nice to have a new toy to play with.

  • bigt859

    I would like to win the nvidea shield because it would be nice to watch my favorite television shows and movies. As I nursing student being able to have something watch television on after a clinical shift would help me unwind as I do not have cable and my current android box is constantly giving me issues.

  • joseph perez

    Tech Timeruuu always talking about how good nvidia shield is, all I dealt with is a Amazon firestick.

  • tylergould

    I just want it

  • Aim12

    The box is amazing love to have it for my livingroom and let my son get the fire stick we have now.

  • Emanon

    I’d love to win this. That’s it pure selfish and honest.

  • aqua0

    This has been the worst year ever for me. Wife hooked up with someone else, and I’m now starting again, from zero, at the easy age of 46. This ain’t no sob story, I just need a reason to smile for a change!

  • sirrx7

    I’d love the NVIDIA Shield for many reasons. I think the Shield would allow my family to gather together to watch TV, movies, and play games as a fun family event. I can honestly see my kids and I having a blast playing against each other but together on the SHIELD instead of playing separate games on separate devices in separate rooms. Technology has a bad reputation of dividing families but the NVIDIA Shield can do the opposite and bring them together.

  • Pings

    I pay too much for Cable I would love to cut the cord. Big fan of your videos keep up the good work.

  • I Would Like To Win The Nvidia Shield For Play And Whatch Movies With My 2 Litle Brothers.
    Would Be Amazing To Win One For My Family And Me.

  • Geeoneill

    I would love this because there a ******* awesome piece of kit by the looks of it


  • Jmart_62

    A few weeks ago I had planned on buying the Shield when the remote was being added for free but it was sold out at Fry’s. Since then I’ve been contemplating whether a Shield or a Mac mini. If I win that would make things easier on me and no more stressing as to what to do. I want to be prepared for NFL season so I can stream Sunday Ticket without any buffering. Currently I own 1st gen. AFTV but it’s not good enough and it’s time to upgrade.

  • kdawg64

    Looks like a great box, would like to add to my home entertainment.

    • motarde

      This would be a big upgrade to my mxIII box .
      I tryed to buy one a while back payed for it and everything waited a week of so then they gave my money back , never got an answer as to why when I contacted customer service so I decided to just keep the $200 lol

  • trinib

    LOOK LOOK ….If you love your dad you would understand….i would like to win it for him on father’s day,and that would be the best!!!..i also have 1 of the coolest build, check it out if you want

  • krisgas

    Hi there tech , i wont write a heart felt comment like i see many looking to touch your feel sorry side lol , just kidding ,,,, ive never won nothing apart from the sack race as a child ,,,,
    PS i live in north of scotland so postage would be a nightmare ,,, ( shit i shouldntve said that haha ) ,
    All da best , from kris

  • Mika3l

    Hi TT,

    Nvidia Shield has been on my radar for quite some time now. Ordered one few months ago, never received it, I trusted seller and I got screwed for being too naive. I would love to win one from you because I can’t afford new one, unfortunately.

    Thank you for this amazing opportunity, it’s not every day you get a chance to win something this amazing!

    Keep on the good work TT!

    Mika3l 🙂

  • xray49er

    Would love to see how much better this is than the fire stick. Thanks

  • ceelo1194

    I would really love one to give to my sister as a birthday present. She lives in NYC, doesn’t have cable. I set up plex for her on my old laptop so she can stream some things directly from me. Please pick me, thanks.

  • Madakilz_JP

    It has been a long time since I wanted one, but because I’m the only one working in the family I just can’t afford yet. It would be awesome to upgrade from the fire stick. Big fan of IPTV bros, you guys don’t get enough credit of what you do on a daily basis. Keep up the good work guys.

  • Andrei

    I have an old MX2 box, and this nVidia Shield would be very helpful to replace this.
    Thanks TT for every video, and wonderful work for people like me (simple user of Kodi)…:)


    I have read all 108 comments on here…. and I can’t compete with most of them.

  • agmenjivar

    OMG!! 3 Nvidia Shields, thats F$ck1n Amazing!!.. I hope to win One cause the friday its the father day and its my firt year like a father, and this would be a nice first gift! =)

  • vanefer

    Cause i have a chromecast device and i need update to see better my movies and series… I hope to win!! So many thanks to you for this giveaway!

  • Simplyzain

    Well summer has just started and I find myself doing nothing. Having a Nvidia Shield tv would be wonderful because then I would get to enjoy my summer. I have watched Every Nvidia Shield TV video that there is on YouTube. Would personally love to own one and put the ENCORE build on it. Also,I share a room with my brother who is currently suffering from kidney stone. Him having sitting in the room all day doing nothing, Nvidia shield could help him get entertained rather then Doing nothing. There would be something for him to do rather then suffering from the pain that he’s in. Thanks for the opportunity TECH ?? greatly appreciated

    • Simplyzain

      Sorry for commenting twice tech it was by accident.

  • Simplyzain

    Well summer has just started and I find myself doing nothing. Having a Nvidia Shield tv would be wonderful because then I would get to enjoy my summer. I watched every Nvidia Shield TV video there is on YouTube. Would be really interested in winning one and putting the ENCORE build on it. Also,I share a room with my brother who is currently suffering from kidney stone. Him having sitting in the room all day doing nothing, Nvidia shield could help him get entertained rather then doing nothing. He could watch something on the shield to reduce his pain. You never know maybe it works. I really want to win the shield for my brother to show him what a great brother I am to him. Thanks for the opportunity TECH, greatly appreciated ??

  • dirty6462

    hey guys at tech timeruuu i would be so greatful to win this system my kids would be over the moon and back if i won i would tell eveyone that nvidia shield is hands down the best andriod tv system thanks for the great wizards that you work so hard on to keep us all updated on kodi thanks kevin…..

  • AlamK

    Hi tech timeruuu, I would love to have the Nvidia shield because the day after the giveaway ends is my birthday so I would love to have it for my birthday since it would count as a birthday present, please and thank you…

  • Mike

    Hi, Well I guess basically since I have been messing with android tv boxes I’ve wanted a Nividia Shield because there reviewed as the best. But I could never justify getting one because there a little more expensive.
    Ps thanks TT for all the help!

    -Mike S

  • Henry Coleman

    Me and my family would love the opportunity to view The BEAST AND ROYALIST on a Nvidia Shield thank you Tech for all that you do !

  • Chris

    Hi. I would love to win an Nvidia Shield to use with The Beast because this is the best android system to use the best of the best Kodi build on the planet. The shield will absolutely make The Beast run like a dream. I’m also going to be getting rid of my cable by the time this contest ends and I would have a great need to have an Nvidia Shield to hook up to my television. I would be very appreciative if you chose me, so please consider me for one of the prizes and have a wonderful day.

    Thanks TT

    Thanks again,


  • Danny

    After over a year and a half of suffrage using the fire stick with all its limitations and buffering, I’d love to be able to navigate your guys builds the way they were meant to be utilized. Combining all of the best of the best!

  • Leitikid

    Hi. I love Nvidia Shield because it´s simply the best Android machine out there.. It has the best resources (graphics, RAM, processor) of the market, only comparable to a pc with strong features.. Now, with the new Plex server features that have been released, it´s a very strong competitive advantage..

  • Leitikid

    Hi. I definitely love Nvidia Shield because it´s simply the best Android machine out there.. It has the best resources (graphics, RAM, processor) of the market, only comparable to a pc with strong features.. Now, with the new Plex server features that have been released, it´s a very strong competitive advantage.. It´s actually unbeatable..

  • David Haddock

    i want the shield because its a BEAST! obviously

  • Paulo Henrique Piovesan

    After trying countless ways to get my media playing on the TV – thumb drives, Chromecasts, deciding which tablet to get by their HDMI capabilities and shamelessly even running long cables through the living room – I would love to use a nice little tidy box to make it all more practical.
    That’s what I would do! Lol
    Thanks either way.

  • Holexx

    I would love to win an Nvidia Shield to use with The Beast because this is the best android system to use

  • Jolene Ayrton

    Really would my son with autism to have access to kids movies, he loves Disney and Pixar

  • M J

    Because this is the only SHEILD that can handle THE BEAST. So give an ENCORE to the ROYALISTS that made this possible. Thank you.

  • Steven Then

    I would love to introduce my son to gaming and streaming. The Shield has everything I need to start my son off in the right direction!

  • Rohan Wallace

    I am new to kodi and the whole community. One thing I have learned is that the Nvidia Shield is onethe best device to use hands down. I would to try multiple builds and the best builds with multiple addons without worrying about device power and space.

  • Francisco Murcia

    i would love to win the nvia shield because i cant afford any type of android box… i used my note 5 to run kody and the beast…it would b nice to enjoy the beast on the tv…

  • Angie Bryan

    Just seeing the look on my gadget-freak boyf would make it worth winning 🙂 but seriously im running the beast TV app on an z5 so need something bigga ?

  • Matt Small

    Doing a lot of travel for work it’s hard to keep up with box sets, this plus The Beast would make the world good again. ?

  • julian11


  • Dannii Perry

    Pretty new to kodi and been using a firestick. On maternity with 2 kids so trying to learn as much as I can . Have just invested in a raspberry pi to see if these are any good for a media hub Would love one of these as I really want to start teching uk the house but am skint.

  • rosario_007

    wow what a gift for fathers day the best box out there to have it at home and play good games and watch iptv with it take it every where and share that good guality and by the way everybody that can see the box know that nvidia is the best thing to have at your home or job. looking foward to win this big prize thank u tech

  • Arzcakes

    I old love one of these for my travels, I work away from home and this would sort me right out.

    Good luck everyone

  • Blackcaesar

    I would love to have the Nvida Shield Tv because it would be a great add on for my family and my boys would make great use of the gaming features. The console itself would be great a great start for me as I am starting the process of cutting the cable. Alot of what my family watches is online and this unit is one of the best on the market. All the features on this unit would be utilized in my family!

  • Because it’s the best android device so far and I want one for some time now, so maybe this will be the time 🙂
    Good luck to everyone.

  • Kaotic Kreations

    Just because…. Boom!

  • Juan Carlos Vega

    Hi tech i want an nvidia shield cuz it would be great for my son,he likes to use his mom’s phone to play and watch movies and that device would be a good gift for him.Thanks for the help you provide to the streaming community.Gracias!!

  • SionMNT

    Because it’s dope, it’s the Bomb and now the The Beast Apk, I just can’t wait to have one this in my living room.

  • John Delian

    Because I’ve never won anything and to actually be selected and won this prize it would be an honor… Thank You TT.

  • lenamay

    I want the Nvidia Shield so I can come up.

  • Keiren Nimmo

    i have a fire stick and its slow and have a gtx 960 in my pc so i could stream games to my tv hope i win thanks

  • Olga Tirado

    I think your great for having sweepstakes. I just want seems cool to have. Thanks for the opportunity best of luck everyone… ?

  • Sheniqua

    Because I been wanting one since it came out, I don’t have the money to buy one so I hope I can win one. Its the best device to have, plus I would put all the beast build on it. Good luck to everyone.

  • markeb

    who wouldn’t want the best kodi wizard played on the best system available. TT and Chris B you spoil us time and again thanks

  • Damian terrekl

    Been waiting a new kodi, I got the original gbox and want to set up kodi kicks ass, and the nvidia shield looks badass thank for the giveaway

  • Jolene Ayrton

    I would love one these because my son has Autism and the beast build allows him to watch endless Disney/Pixar movies for free. So please can I have the best build on the planet with best device on the planet, as this would rock our world x

  • Francisco Escobedo

    I want a navidia shield because i cant get The Beast to run properly on this andriod box!!!!

  • Paul Llewellyn

    I would like to win the Nvidia Shield as like the The Hobbit, it is like the One ring.
    It rules them all like the Ring, all want it and would lust after it. 🙂

    It is a a fantastic machine and would fit comfortably under my TV, like the Ring that rules them all.


    This would top what I have great prize

  • cuatro914

    Because I finally want to be able to make use of a 4K tv :-), but most likely I will set it up at my parents and bring them in to the kodi world and so they can stream Plex from my server. Thanks TT

  • MiGueL5G

    Would luv to win. YouTube app on current Android box sucks and I watch more YouTube then live TV.

  • JG

    It would be a major upgrade to my non brand android box

  • Bruce Wayne

    I would like to give it away to a friend of mine, he is a Marine and I would love to surprise him with it before he gets shipped out again.

  • Elvis Appiah-Kubi

    TT, i would LOVE to win this one. Came back from school to a destroyed Nvidia Shield because my little brothers thought it was wise to Basketball in my room.

  • Ade


  • Tony L

    A friend is always telling me how good his Shield is and what he’s watched/played on it perhaps this would give me the opportunity to find out for myself and to shut him up 🙂

  • b_s_w

    I want to own what is advertised as the most solid Android streaming device and I’d ove to try the gaming with my son! thanks TT!

  • Terry Vhal

    I would love to win the best box on the market.

  • Manny Singh

    This would be awesome to use for multiple things watching live, gaming, also making comparison with Amazon Fire TV 4k. I know for a fact Nvidia is one of the best as they also have parts in my laptop HP machine. Truly brilliant technology. Gaming with them is awesome.

  • Pierre-Luc Filiatrault

    Really great and best android boxe

  • Abel Medero

    I would like to have one to replace my amazon fire tv and play some retro games. I love current games and consoles but this would be an amazing addition for gaming.

  • shereen sandhu

    Hi there I’m just newly married and moved into a new house. This would be a great help for us it would save us alot of money

  • King Yl

    I love it and now I can watch 4k movies and download them my wife will be happy



  • Kyle Ernst

    I’ve just started getting into this and think it would help me be able to enjoy some entertainment.

  • Arturo Grullon

    I need a upgrade from my fire Tv stick

  • Kelvin Peralta

    Love to Win this. Best Player out there as rated. Please I also have been subscribed to your channel for a while. Best Tech out there

  • Daniel Hewett

    This would be great to have, be awesome to have a good bit of kit for my kids as the box of got is of poor quality and upsets my kids when cant watch what they want, they don’t have a lot, but to beable to give them a little something

  • Dennis

    Would be so awesome to win an Nvidia Shield!! I want it because it seems to be the best of the best when it comes to Kodi, and I so need to get away from other products on the market. It has all of the bells and whistles for flawless viewing.

  • cristian giron

    I want so I can finally shut down my father in laws cable and set him up with streaming media

  • Phil Ramirez

    Well i promised my son i would get him one if he passed to sixth grade. Well he did and Would be awesome coming from tech timeruuu

  • Ian Jones

    Would love to get one of these they are allegedly to be the bees knees or maybe the beasts knees

  • Adrianne Cortez

    My husband and I love all new electronics. This would be a great addition to our collection of electronics. Since we haven’t had cable in 2 years any way to watch tv is awesome to have.

  • Otis Collins

    I would love to win the shield 🙂

  • mark Ferguson

    I would love to have one,. I am a geek at heart and this would be something I could definitely utilize. Also thanks for all the videos. Great tutorials.

  • Geekinfonow

    Would fit nicely in the living room for sure! Keep up the great videos!

  • Chris Madeline

    I would love to win the shield

  • Patrick Gray

    Could use and upgrade from my Nexus Player…keep up the good Work Timeruuu!

  • Manny g

    i never win anything but hey it’s free so I’ll give it a shot and can’t afford to buy one anyway so to actually win a shield would be awesome

  • Robert Bauer

    This is one of the most amazing android systems out there just to have one and to introduce it to my friends and neighbors I will be there god… Just saying Nvidia tells you your going to have a out of this world experience, I would love to have one my kids will think there in virtual Disney Land.

  • nick

    I really want to win that because my laptop isnt that powerful… I cant play games on it (and if i do) it freezes at some point. So, if i win my problems will be solved 😛

  • Earl Charles

    I want one so I have a reason to ask you a hundred times how to load kodi on it. Then I can ask you a hundred times how to load the beast. And then I can also ask why the wizard isn’t loading(when it is probably my crappy internet connection)! So basically I would love one of these so I have a reason to stay in touch! Oh by the way can you tell me how to load kodi on a firestick? No?

  • Craig Evans

    I would love to have one for the back bedroom! I’m not gonna lie I do have one in the living room but would love to have another one when the wife is hogging the tv in the living room! Thanks for the opportunity to even win one that’s awsome!

  • Reinhold Doerfert

    I would like one for my kids. Moneys tight and i cant buy them one right now so winning one would make my day and my kids day.

  • salmino Graciano Henry

    I would love to win this box it’s the best set top box out there

  • Hector Trinidad

    Would love to upgrade from a fire tv hear this is a beast but unfortunately i can’t afford it

  • Jacek ZAPOLSKI

    I drop dish network 2 years ago ,it’s just to much money .This box would help me see the world

  • Ronald Jermaine Taylor

    I would love to experience kodi….and I hear the Shield is the best device out there…so I would love to have one and again thanks for all the great work u do for the community Mr. TT!!!

  • W Aly

    Want to add it to my home automation system.

  • Jeff Christmas

    A list of the worst reasons to want an Nvidia Shield:
    1. I need a new doorstop
    2. My mom thinks it helps with homework
    3. It looks like it smells good
    4. I need a shield to go with my sword
    5. I can’t read or write
    My reason for wanting one? To play some games and stop myself from saying silly things. ?

  • Juan Monroy

    Well i’m new to this movie streaming i bought a inl3d box from a friend wish if i can get that one free to try something new and thanks

  • Robert Jacobsen

    Need one for master bedroom to complete the household addition

  • Javi Reid

    Cutting the cord would be awesome!!! Along with a great way to run my spartan build and get the latest from the ruuuu… lol

  • Eddie Tree Colón

    Would love to win this, just started getting into video streaming and would love to free up my desktop and have plex loaded on this and streaming my video collection all over the house, keep up the good work, your videos are great..

  • Gretchen Nastasi

    I’ve never won anything before and the shield would be a cool first win. Also my 17 yr old would think I’m the coolest.

  • Jay Boogie

    I would love to win the Shield so much I have nothing but bad experience already with two boxes they sitting here collecting dust on the Shelf and if I win it will be the best gift for me my son to watch movies and games on the weekends since all we been able to watch it is on my phone and my son doesn’t complain much about it he knows things are tight right now.
    It will be the best Father’s Day gifts for me for my son to be happy watching Nvidia Shield thank you very much.

  • Fearghal Hayes

    I would love to win it because I would love to surprise my brother when he gets home from Irish college, Thanks

  • Mara Negron

    Omg can’t believe it , I was just thinking about purchasing one but have to wait til I can save up (gotta pay my bills ) . I own a fire stick but have to share with everyone so this will definitely come in handy. BTW thanks for all the tutorials you have no idea what a great help they are since I am not tech savvy.

  • John Moore

    I have 8 grandchildren it would nice to have give them something to do while they are my home

  • Duron Millines

    I’ve always used basic boxes so this will be a chance for me to use the best, thanks.

  • Alex Rodriguez

    I just want to say that anyone who wins this sheild would be vary lucky and this is a great giveaway. I would like to win this because I’m not a rich man and cable is so expensive. I really don’t mind watching free digital tv but if I where to win this I would be vary greatfule. So good luck to everyone and I hope I win one to ???

  • ShizzLansky

    Tech–Whats up!! Shizz Lansky here…. I have owned several android boxes over the past few years, and the SHIELD is by far one of the best in my opinion. Please consider me for this great machine Thanks!!!

  • Chad

    Ive followed your tutorials since about day 1. Thank you for all you contribute to the community. I try to comment and help to support your followers to make this a better community. I must say , thank man, for your contribution to our community. Props to you my friend…..keep on, keepin on ….Chad

  • melvin sanchez

    I want to win this. It would be a huge upgrade from my nexus player!!!

  • kemara grant

    I really need this nvidia shield hopefully I won because it would give me a better and smother iptv to have the greatest Android box on the market would be such a joy .thanks Tech timeruuu

  • gp8221

    I’ve never want to buy one , even though I heard is the best android tv box out there, I know it’s a good box but my only issue is because you don’t have access to the full Play Store.

  • Keith Wyatt

    Very sexy nice giveaway it my B day let see can I won this!!!!

  • Tony

    I will like a Shield to repleace this slow Firestick

  • onine willis

    i want to play retro games plus i always wanted one

  • craig brooks

    After all these years of entering competitions and never winning a single thing, it would finally be great to win something as cool as this. Fingers crossed (mine, the wife’s and the kids’s)

  • Marilyn Martin

    I would love to have one simply because iot is top rated and i enjoy streaming!

  • will

    I don’t own one and would love to try itout.

  • Dewayne Nix

    I would love to win this. Im in the navy and since my daughter is going to college and my wife and other 2 kids are moving i will be staying in the barracks taking care of junior sailors. I have been using kodi on my computer and smartphone but this would allow me to have a system dedicated for watching movies and also allow me to play games. To have the greatest box would be great. This would be so cool to have. Fingers crossed.

  • John Alvarado

    I have one already. I need one more for my bedroom. This is a great box and KODI runs fast and effortlessly. I love it.

  • L Chad Keise

    It would be great to win this box because, so far my other android devices have been struggling to keep up with the demands at home. Plus the Shield looks like a great device for just about anything to do with multimedia.

  • Scaven75

    Love to have one of these. Can’t afford a console and one of these would be great to play games on. Hell of a lot better than the slow box I’ve already got

  • Nathan Ramos

    Yes would definitely love to win NVIDIA SHEILD Always heard great stuff about it… Good luck to All…

  • Jonathan Vortisch

    I would love a Nvidia shield. I always wanted one but could never a afford one . Being a person with disabilities from the day was born with spina bifida. And being on a fixed income. I heard that the Nvidia shield is the best out there by far . Cheers


    this will get me laid!

  • Silver & Black Edwin

    I have a fire stick and would love to have this one better for my living room. Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  • Steve Garratt

    To beg may seem un dignified but Iwill give it a go. PLEASE pick me Tech. I feel asI really deserve one of these Nvidia boxes. If for no other reason than to get the best viewing experience of the Beast and easy streams, Thank you,

  • Kris Farquhar

    Afternoon Tech , and love to win this as similar to most ive never won sod all apart from the sack race as a child haha, on a serious note i currently use a amazon stick but where i live the internet signal isnt as good as cities so ive been looking to upgrade , cheers mr timeruuu lol

  • Kris Farquhar

    Me laid too lol

  • jperezmvp

    I’ve read so much good stuff about the Shield. I would love one, tired of using Roku for Plex and Fire TV for Kodi… Shield does both plus a ton more.

  • Kris Farquhar

    Spartan pixel RULE , lol

  • Kris Farquhar

    PICK ME , just so u notce lol

  • Ihsan Mahroof

    I want one because i dont currently have a android box.

  • Michael DiGregorio

    It would be great to have a chance to try one of these boxes as I have heard that they provide a great user experience. Nvidia makes a great product with excellent specs. They are known for their graphic cards and the Shield is a top end streamer that you can also play games on. I currently use an Amazon Fire TV stick and it works well with Kodi, but you cannot plug it directly into your cable modem. I have used several builds like the Royalist, the Beast, Wookie, Spinz TV, and Pulse. The developers really put in alot of time creating these builds and testing the addons that function the best. Kodi has a great community and I truly believe that they strive to provide the best for us all.

  • James Chepon

    I want one because I’m tired of my amazon fire stick…..damn thing keep stopping

  • James Rodriguez

    I need the ultimate Kodi experience for my almost finished mancave.

  • luigi mansi

    Free for me
    Shield and the best build
    Release the beast

  • rabbit17

    Simply put, I want the best. NVIDIA SHIELD

  • Alexander Loango

    I want one because….I think that nvidia is a great box with good easy features and I would like to have one to enjoy it with my family.

  • Sha Dingle

    Pick me! I promote the best build ever Spartan!!!

  • Robert Santiago

    I would like to win one because I recently got a 4K t.v. And I like the fact that you can stream 4K content to your television with the Nvidia Shield. It’s cool for gaming and Kodi as well. Good luck to everyone who enters.

  • Mr A.


  • brian b

    Just like to say you channel has been fantastic for me and my son. I have set up my computers to use the beast and watch classic cartoons with my son. Would be nice to get a shield to watch on the tv and play some classic gaming. Thanks for all the videos.

  • I May-ne


    The two pieces of chit!! That I’ve bought online just completely devaste me and my wife and kids. I would like to win this so that I no longer hear my family screams and we can enjoy a good quality product like your builds are meant to be watched on.

    Good luck everyone.

  • Ariana Gomez

    Hello tech timeruuu thank you for doing this giveaway and the reasons I would want the nvidia shield tv is as you have mentioned before it is the best android box. I have been seeing several videos on this product and have found that it is amazing and way better than other boxes. It supports kodi, spmc, and plex and it storage can be expanded. It plays android games and nvidia shield games; even emulators to play retro games. It supports casting, overall it is an extraordinary box. I have been wanting it for a while but since I am in school and only work part time most of my money has to go to school. Hopefully I could be one of the winners so that way I can replace my Google Nexus player with the best box ever the Nvidia shield tv for my room. Good luck to everyone and thanks again tech timeruuu for the giveaway.


    I want one for my mother just brought on for my father and he love it especially cuz i put kodi on it. And it would be good for the kids when they come over to visit to be entertain.

  • Jeff Bolick

    Feeling lucky

  • Benjamin Kane

    I would love this system!! I don’t have cable and barely regular tv and steam a lot on my firestick and I think this would be awesome and fast!! Hope to win one and Tech Timeruu is the best!!

  • hamza malik

    I want an Nvidia shield because I’ve purchased some other devices to run KODI on and none of them have worked. The Shield seems like the best device out there, would love to have one! Great videos btw.

  • cardsfan

    I just replace our tv w a 65″ curved 3d 4k Samsung one & this would go spectacularly with it! 🙂

  • Zaman Zaffer

    I absolutely love your YouTube channel, always helped me out no matter what I need help with. Now the shield. My oh my it’s an amazing bit of kit, the fact that it’s a games console gives it the edge of other competitors. I would love to run kodi on it as it’ll be a bliss. The true ultimate android box.

  • Miguel Viera

    You have been I go to for info for all of kodi…so these unit got to awesome! I would like one

  • sajid189

    Hello! I am a huge fan of your YouTube channel. You have done a lot for the community and cannot thank you enough. I am always updated with the new addons and new features regarding Kodi. If it was not for you we as a community would not be chilling at home watching the content we love. I really appreciate you doing this giveaway. I currently have a kodi firestick and it works great and all but I would really like to upgrade. I have recently tested the Nvidia Shield at a friends house and does it work great or what. The only problem is that I cannot afford the Nvidia Shield right now because it is WAY out of my budget. I have tried contacting Nvidia about getting a discount but I had no luck. I also emailed you about getting a discount but you did not have any connections with Nvidia (Appreciate the help though, Always respond fast and nicely). This would be a kind of a dream come true if I win this giveaway. I have never won any raffles or giveaways before. This will help my family out a lot if I win this Nvidia Shield Android TV. May the best Man/Woman win! Really appreciate you doing this for the Kodi Community. Whoever wins may they enjoy the new Android Box and God Bless!


    Sajid Mahmood

  • John Ambani

    Watched the video it sound good the design looks flamboyant 4k never come across one I have an mxq pro bought recently nothing close to nvidia why should I be the one of the lucky one? I have an 8 year old boy Mike his psvita keypad is misbehaving u will really make him happy and I will movies pls makes happy

  • Daniel

    I want it because I am new to streaming and this came up as the best device in my google searches. I love to stream the Dodgers without having to subscribe to TWC services. Thanks TT!!

  • JB

    Will love to try a good media player for once. Too many firestickstudents already. Wish me luck you guys!!!?

  • Dag TheFly Daggett

    I want the Nvidia Shield because it is a great tool for You Tube, Watching Netflix and Playing games. I want something that will let me load Kodi to it and just to enjoy.

  • maddcatt1

    I have just replaced my old plasma tv with a 4K led and would love to try out some 4K movies, but my fire tv stick is a no go…lol

  • Bruh Furly

    Very interested in finding out what makes them so great. I don’t have it to get one myself and telling the truth a chance at one of 3 is worth it!

    Good day!

  • Jorge Rodriguez

    I would love one because I’ve never win anything on any contest what so over, it would be nice to win at least once in a lifetime lol. GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE……

  • Jorge Rodriguez

    So I can FLEX and KODI on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jorge Rodriguez

    So I can Run FLEX and KODI on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Arica Jones

    New to this whole streaming thing but, I have been eyeballing this for a while.

  • Angel Baez

    I use my note 3 as my media center and would love to win this, bigger screen of viewing pleasure. Awesome giveaway!

  • Mario Landa

    Family fun

  • John Gray

    Awesome giveaway, would love to try this out as at moment have to link PC to TV by hdmi cable

  • Daniel Masher

    I would love it if I win just love it.
    I would give it to my parents who are down on money and can’t afford sky/cable anymore

  • Bryan Sutton

    Kodi fever. Like a chance to try!!!

  • Lee Minns

    Can I have one please it be cool to have something I always dream of .thank you

  • Family

    Thanks for the Giveaway. Like to try something other than Amlogic.
    Best hopes for MTLFreeTV and other Cordcutters in Canada.


    I would like having a Nvidia shield because I had my android box and tv stolen weeks ago and I have no money to buy one at this time thanks for your time and effort

  • Rami

    will look great in my living room.

  • Nolan Graves

    Hey man been loving your builds. Keep up the work!

  • namgisdon

    Would like one because my Nexus player bit it a few months ago

  • τεмροяαℓ_αηοмαℓλ

    I want it because I am a consumer of electronics without the budget to consume 😛 Thank you.

  • Javier

    I’m new to kodi I’ve been messing with it on an Amazon fire stick my 1and a half year old and I love it..we can watch cartoons all day but I would love to try the nvidia for live TV and stuff like that….I’ve learned the fire stick doesn’t do it justice. Thanks in advanced ? (fingers crossed)

  • King Yl

    It will be good for me and my wife since she wanted to watch a 4k movies which our AFTV can’t do thx

  • Charles Griffin

    I want one because I’ve been using Roku’s for at least four years and I would love the chance to add Android to my streaming experience. Besides, it’s the best player on the market, so of course I would love to have one.

  • Jillian Fennessey

    I’ve been out of the tv/movie loop for over 7 years Id like to get back into watching shows and movies on a nice piece of equipment like the shield

  • A Wu

    Would love to win this so I can play my PC games in my living room!

  • Marius

    i would love one for my son

  • Jakub

    Er, I have no money…? So can I just get one? Thanks man. <3

  • I love the Nvidia shield line of products. I want to be able to play my PC games from the living room!!

  • Christina Iluvzachandwes Willi

    I would love to get a Nvidia Shield Tv because my 5 year old son keeps stealing my computer every time I turn around and it would be nice to not have to physically remove him from my chair every time I try to get back on. You guys are great.

  • Jenson D’Souza

    I am just trying to save up money so that I can buy myself a Nvidia Shield by the end of the year. So winning one in this giveaway would be just awesome 🙂

  • EN4ORC3R

    I want one and in exchange you can have my girlfriend’s phone number : )

  • Nikoli Saltana

    I would love to win one as would make an awesome gift for my Mrs who’s had a very difficult year so far, can’t buy her flowers because she has hayfever :/ good luck to everyone who enters! 😀

  • Marius Notar

    Ein Versuch ist es wert

  • kitty

    I’m retired and I love learning about new technology. I have heard great reviews about NS and would enjoy the challenge of figuring out how it works.

  • Kevin Carlos

    Love to win one so I can test it out. Thankks

  • Jacob Bautista

    I would love to win the 16GB Nvidia Shield Tv because it would be a great upgrade to what I have. I have the Amazon fire stick which I’m blessed to have but would like an upgrade for something that’s a lot faster especially on kodi! No matter who wins, thanks for always doing these awesome giveaways!

  • Temeka Goffney

    im new to all of this i have google nexus i really dont have a good reason to want or a sad story since i hear such good things abt the shield saw the post i figure i try my luck cross my fingers and pray i win if i dont ok good luck everyone

  • Roy Adkins

    I would love to get one as well. Been wanting to get one for a long while. Just had various money issues. I use a Amazon FireTV box currently. So yeah, It would be a pretty awesome upgrade for myself. I love your Youtube videos. They have really helped me solve many issues I had on my KODI. Thanks for the giveaway and I hope I win one! PEACE. 🙂

  • Flynn

    It would be amazing to win a nvidia shield as it has been something I have been looking at for almost a year now. It would make a great gadget to use. Love playing games and love streaming videos. I hear it’s the best selling android TV box. It would just make my day to be able to win the nvidia shield! ! Good luck to everyone who has entered the competition!!!!

  • Jack Simore

    I want it because i have never had a Nvidia shield and i want to feel the power of it. I have heard that it is the best android box to run Kodi. It would be amazing to have a Nvidia Shield. Thank You Tech Timeruuu. Good luck to all.

  • Frank Hernandez

    i have the fire stick would like to upgrade to the NVIDIA SHIELD but cant aford it also it will be an awsome fathers day gift for me lol

  • Suss

    Nvidia is bad as FAST !

  • Suss

    Oh ! and Nidia is PERFECT for The Beast Build ! ( pick me ! pick me ! )

  • Jason Weid

    I want one just because. And this is how I have to enter the giveaway, so I’m entered. Good luck everyone!

  • Luis Villegas

    I’m a developer, but don’t sell my content. This would be great for trying out some stuff that the firestick might not be able to handle

  • Ivan T

    I want one because i heard it was awesome and at the moment I’m using my Chromecast to stream kodi with that whole bubbleupnp and playerfactory shenanigans


    I want one because I want to be able to watch my favorite series and I want to win something for the first time 😀

  • dandre luckett

    I would like to get one of those never knew that this was out this would be a great thing to have than I can let cable TV go

  • Benny Cruz

    I never had one these great machines, and would love to watch kodi on these machines, ps know of any good iptv subscriptions not to expensive and reliable.

  • luis Santiago

    I just want one and it is the first time doing this I never reply or anything for a giveaway hopefully I will get one , I’m new to the system , thanks.

  • Ellie Drury

    Would be nice to have,!

  • Dave Hinnegan

    This would be great to win been reading alot about them

  • diesel701

    Becouse is the best media center now on market and I love gamesssssss! Mostly Borderlands framchise! 🙂

  • Gerry Mcgeoch

    wow what an amazing give away

  • Phillip Tucker

    I would love to win one these so i can share it with my family

  • Doug Hyer

    I would like to have 1 because i cut the cord a few months ago and began using kodi on my laptop but I’d like to be able to watch it on my television

  • James Green

    Had my eye on this system since it came out! Still need one in the living room!

  • Rusty

    I would love to win one for gaming and Kodi viewing, select me please.

  • hector navarrette

    I need a second one for my room. ..

  • Ruben Gil

    I would love to have one because my kids are out of school and I can’t afford cable so it’s hard to keep them entertained. I also just heard about this device and I looks awesome.

  • Kapes

    Would love a nvida shield, because it’s the best machine available, & looks great too…

  • Edek

    Because I now I won’t get it and I will must to be unhappy with my very bad and disappointing Tronsmart-Ara-X5-Windows…

  • Joseph Ferguson

    Looking forward to using the nvidia shield TV to tinker with android apps, to get some 4k action in my house, and to stream some games from my PC

  • Mark Kenneth Flores

    Being in a wheelchair I can’t really afford a decent box that would let me cut the cable. Winning this giveaway would let me do that. The Nvidia shield is the best.

  • Lloyd Benjamin

    I’m looking forward to do doing some dev work such as installing roms and rooting. I’m also excited about the PC and shield games

  • Luke paine

    Well it just looks like a ninja!! Be honest who really doesn’t want to be or have a ninja at their house? My point exactly! Great giveaway. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be in the give away and thank you for all the work y’all put in to kodi! I cut the cord 3-4 years ago but just in the last year have gotten in to kodi! Love it! Good luck everyone!

  • Carolus Bellinger

    To be honest with you I would love to win it because it will be a big upgrade from my little android box.

  • tito tito

    I would like it for educational purposes to teach my son how to do coding on a big screen tv thanks.

  • Matt Baker

    Simply sick of hearing how good it is off people at work! Stop me being jealous – it’s not becoming of me ???

  • Sammy Torres Collazo

    Awesome work Tech Timeruuu. Nvidia is one of the Best Boxes in the market… Which cheaper Box do you recommend for IPTV and Streaming… Thanks

  • Neal Cullum

    I would like to win because i work long night shifts (Security Guard) and can get very lonely and boring. I prefer portables over consoles as i’m always on the go.


  • Kallum Patterson

    why i want a Nvidia shield is because my old andriod box died a few months ago and now i am just watching films on my phone now

  • Earl Matthews

    Please God let me win something really need this firestick is so bad with my wifi

  • Maryann Jimenez

    I would like to win the Nvidia Shield because I love new technology and I am also new to kodi. Right now I have a firestick and would love the Nvidia Shield so I can really use Kodi to its potential and play games on my new 4k TV. Thanks to all the developers and guys like you Tech Timeruuu who is always there to help everyone out!!! I also would love to cut the cord because it is getting too damn expensive.

  • Paul Babic

    awesome!! The nvidia shield is one thing that would compliment my home theatre system

  • mark philpott

    I take your advice and Chris’s regarding everything kodi. Your builds and wizards are the best. I wont try anything other build. You always give the best advice

  • TwoneP

    Would be awesome to add this one to my kodi experience.

  • Gabriel

    I want it because the Nvidia Shield is the BEST Streaming device on the market that’s why and I always wanted one!

  • Bret Spencer

    I would love to experience the power that comes with this! I love kodi and I love gaming this is the all time great for both!

  • David

    I want another nvidia for my mother in law she wont give mines back she in love with how i have kodi running on it

  • Marius Notar

    Why not? Maybe I ‘m lucky

  • Tyler Fuller

    I just want it nice and simple 🙂

  • I hope I win!!!!!! I never win anything…

  • Michael Quiroz

    Would love to have to replace the little firestick

  • Anarion

    My parents have a nice big TV but only have cable and always complain that there is nothing to watch or do. The shield would give them access to a bunch of streaming services my sister and I have. Plus they’d have access to some nice games from my library which would be great when we have guests.

  • Tyrone Paypa Chasa Richardson

    I want this system for my home because I see it as a upgrade from my amazon box. I see me and my family having a great time watching movies and playing fun games

  • ZingZonZot

    I want one as an upgrade from my Nexus Player, to watch my programs, stream my games, and to use as a Plex media Server and as an HDHomeRun DVR I know it’s 16GB but since the shield supports a 3.0 USB connection I can connect an ext. 3.0 drive to it to use as an HD HomeRun DVR

  • Ernie Browning

    I want the Nvidia Shield Tv because it has proven to be one of the best if not the best alternative to experience and enjoy all that kodi has to offer.

  • Bie Slow

    Thanks for the opportunity, hope I win this, I really want it…

  • melosocal

    I would like to win the nvidia shild I heard it’s the best streaming box out there and would like to replace my nexus player

  • Chris Johnson


  • Greg Johnston

    i would like to win so i can enjoy the whole kodi experience ….it would be awesome…even if i dont win a huge 2 thumbs up to you for giving 3 everyday people the chance to have a better kodi experience…thankyou and well done….least there is still positives in the world

  • Peter Santiago

    i would love to tell you that my kids are great kids and that they do well in school and deserve a shield but that would be a lie…….i would love to tell you that my grand kids deserve it but that would be another lie…… THE TRUTH…… wife and i live on a budget and we just brought new living room furniture and are now broke (LOL) and to top it off the matricom g box q i have in my living room isnt working and its time for a new box so i would be very grateful to win this shield box cause like i said we are broke and live on a budget……thank you and i love watching your videos on youtube………….

  • Robert Sandoval

    Awesome box who wouldn’t want to own since I can’t afford one guess I’ll try my luck. Thanks Tech Timeruuu.

  • Darcy Maryann

    I would like to win to rule the living room ??

  • Richard Quiocho

    I would like to win the nvidia shield tv because I’ve heard nothing but awesomeness on this monster!!! And it’s time to replace my android box!!! Fingers crossed

  • jaheim

    Again another great giveaway,i would like to be the lucky one to have this great device to hook up to
    my Tv which is not too smart,i’m a proud user of NVIDIA products and would love to have this amazing
    smartie in my collection, please make me one of your lucky recipient as i would be always grateful.

  • Filip Andrei

    Would love to replace my old MX2 box which runs an OpenElec for some time now. Thanls a lot for this chance

  • Dean Jones

    i want the shield so i can pwon nubs

  • Steve Rojas

    I would like to get one because thats the bottom line cause stone cold said so 🙂
    For real though. Would like to get one because they seem like its a solid player. Everyone say they are the best and better then the firestick. Thank you 🙂

  • Eliott

    I would really love to win these because. I cut my cable and have a couple of boxes now that don’t work all that great. That’s what I could afford so yes we struggle to watch stuff onT.V with these cheap boxes.

  • Omar Aguirre

    I would like to win the invidia shield to watch kodi n keep updating your royalist build thats my favorite build off all clean n simple. keep up the good work

  • vmedina9621

    I want it, because I’d like to have “a real box” instead of an mxq. That way I can really enjoy Kodi the way it’s meant to be. Plus I can’t afford to buy an Nvidia Shield. Lol Thanks!

  • johnny

    I’d be pretty stoked to win ones of these monsters to rule my living room…. especially since I cut the cord and get one local channel. The Nexus player is good but this would take me to the next level, plus the gaming… win all the way around.

  • Alexander Z Great

    I’d like to win one because from the reviews I’ve read and watch it looks to be awesome!!!

  • Jonathan King

    I would like one to show my friends and family how great kodi is and to stop paying hundreds of dollers to the cable companies. Thank you!

  • Brian Woollard

    I have heard so many good things about these boxes and would really love one, thanks for the chance.


  • hammer delta

    I want one because of the great reviews that it receives. I love testing different devices because it is a hobby of mine. Would love to hook it up to my new 4k tv.

  • KappaKilla

    I want towin this because I have just started playing around with Kodi and The Beast is a dream come true! I’ve got a pretty basic setup for now and I would love to own the Shield TV for its blazing fast performance and dependability! Fingers crossed for everyone and good luck to all! Thank you for this opportunity!

  • Antonio Reyes

    I’m Superman

  • Karina Sanchez

    Hello there, i will be honest… i want it because i fucking love free stuff, who doesn’t? And of course because i like to use kodi and this amazing wizards.
    Good luck every one

  • rvaldes820

    I need this to continue scratching the tech itch I suffer from. I have tried others that have impressed me, so what’s REALLY that much better. Thanks.

  • George Simmons III

    I hope i win this giveaway! I’m looking forward to giving it to my older sister if I win, she starts college soon and I want her to have the best dorm/college experience possible!

  • Bobby Smith

    I want it Because I’m using s firestick now and it works but what I’ve seen from your videos the shield is the shit,just can’t afford one right now but either way win or not I’m going to get one. Keep the videos rolling I enjoy what you put out.

  • R Rodriguez

    I want it, and I’d like to have Nvidia Shield. That way I can enjoy Kodi. Good luck! Thanks!

  • Angel Pech

    Hello .
    i want it to i can install it in may daughter room to enjoy Kodi the beast ,
    we love your job thanks for all you do for the people.

  • Jezwinni

    Wanted one for over a year. My wife watches constant rubbish on TV, PLEASE help me “Rule the living room” once again!

  • Leo González

    cause it have 4k, android tv, and nvidia hardware, what else?

  • Ricardo Stambury

    Thank you for all the great videos and dedication. Have heard many great things about the unit and would love to have something more powerful than the Firestick.

  • Cal

    Pick me please, because I want one and and can’t afford one.

  • Oli Mag

    I hope I’ll be the lucky one.
    Good luck to everybody.

  • Karl Kopnisky

    I have been running on a Amazon stick. A new NVIDIA shield would be nice to run kodi.

  • Senk

    I want to win the Nvidia Shield TV because it can do so many awesome things!

  • Swap

    this is the only box that can replace my windows machine and current android box, is future proof, netflix 4k and superb community to support it

  • Juan Ruiz

    I want to win the Nvidia Shield TV because the 95% of the user out there said that this is the best to watch TV and do many think. I wish I win this toy. Thank you for the opportunity to play.

  • Tommy Mc Gill

    I have heard so much about nvidia TV box and it would keep my house happy for hours ,great prize and best of luck all

  • Nickolaus Cruz

    First off im a single fulltime dad of a lil boy n lil girl so i would the love the opportunity to be able to do all the fun things we can do n see as a family on the nvidia. Ive seen so many cool things it can n we wouldnt be able to afford it anyways ? . Thank you tech timeruuu for all your awesome and informative videos. You and Chris Blower are world class ? ??

  • Cyril Delery

    Hi 🙂 I want it because:

    1. I’m Android dev and getting an Android TV device would be perfect (I don’t own one yet)
    2. It’s a great multimedia device, better than the box I currently use
    3. NVidia CPU is great and powerfull. Perfect for gaming, perfect to offer something funier than an XBox or Playstation to my kids 😉
    4. Because I want it 😀

    Good luck everyone !! 😉

  • Chemy

    Actually what I want most is to play my videos saved in my external HDD, but also because it’s hell of a console/smartTV so, who won’t want it?

  • Alex G.

    I would like the nvidia shield because it’s a great device, very powerful and in my opinion the best box for kodi or plex other then a computer. If I win I plan to get a surround sound system and enjoy watching movies for a long time to come.

  • Grant Woodland

    I would like to have a Nivida shield because they are well known for their graphics and I like gaming and I learned alot from watching your videos and I love the word free. And because you can. That’s why I would like to have a Nivida Shield.

  • Sami Youkhana

    Lucky number me.

  • Nathan K.

    I want this because it is an awesome piece of tech and I would love a new gadget!

  • O Fenandez

    Own the best!

  • Karrie Millheim

    I have wanted these for so long!!

  • Jorge Nunez

    I would like a Nivida Shield because I heard it is a great device with good graphics and capabilites but most of all because it will keep the mother-in -law that is living with us out of our hair and busy watching stuff that is not us. 🙂

  • Christopher Bucknor

    The reason I would love to have an nvidia shield is because, from what I read and have seen, it’s a great device. I’ve seen nothing but great comments on it across the board. it’s powerful, it’s great for gaming, great for all around media. it’s basically a dream machine. No, “the dream machine. Plus, if I win I would keep one and give the other 2 shields to some loved ones who I know would love it and would be able to cut the cord from cable. Cable be expensive, baybay.

  • Outrager

    I want one to use as a Plex Server without needing to keep my main PC on.

  • Clay Dennis (TennisGeek)

    My 10 year old pc is about to die.

  • Jimmy Gilbert White Jr

    I want one to upgrade to 4k I will setup the other two for the kids.

  • black4tears

    to enjoy kodi to the roof

  • Casey

    Because my old android tv box broke and I can’t afford a new one.

  • WayneandKathy Hubbard

    I would love to have it!! I believe my whole family would enjoy the Nvidia Shield.

  • Tenzin

    Hi tech
    I appreciate your hardwork and generosity. I would like to win this for iptv stalker on my big tv.

  • Aaron Vargas

    I want it to make and play my own games using the android technology.

  • rigoberto garcia

    I wood love the nvidia shild for some reason every android box I have bought has came cloned or defective all 10 of them it would be nice to finally get something that works I gave up on ordering android boxes all together I have been saving up for a nvidia for a long time but avery time I get close to buy one something comes up with my family needing the money so family comes first thank you and good luck to everyone

  • Kyle Ortiz

    I would like them to give my family a chance to experience the greatness of the nvidia shield!

  • Paul Williams

    This would be an awesome win, don’t win many things. Good luck to everyone though, also your videos are very informational thanks so much for spending the time to help all of us

  • Greg Pitman

    Thanks for all you do Tech Timeruuu. I would live a shield because I just moved into a new place and my $2000.00 65 inch smart tv with google got broken in the move and that’s where I had my kodi so now I have no tv and no way to use kodi

  • Chris

    Would like to upgrade to a box that supports new video format. My amazon fire stick is just so slow and i here nvidia shield is where its at. Thanks

  • Keisha Woods

    Never had a Nvidia Sheild so would love to experience it with my son. He is 7 and really starting to get into gaming. Plus I would love to see what 4K streaming is all about. Thank you for the contest!!

  • Jax Weeks

    Simple…….Because it’s the best/ most powerful Android TV box currently available.

  • Amaris

    WOW, THANK YOU yet again for another giveaway. It seems every other week you are doing something great for your loyal followers. Don’t know how u do it, but just incredible how you find a way to do things like this. So many YouTubers with huge following don’t give anything back. Of course we all would like to win something, but it’s important that people realize how much you give back to the community, and no drama. Just straight up cause you want to, and can do it. Thank you, Thank you..

  • Joni

    Been running the original WD TV for the family. But its days are numbered, the Nvidia Shield would be a great replacement as the family entertainment box. Especially with the upcoming Plex update.

  • Jacoes

    Why not why not a free upgrade doesn’t hurt & also your review got my attention & I’m consider to upgrade also my mboxes will earn an early retirement thanks

  • Ivan92116

    it would be a nice upgrade from my old Roku box.

  • Samuel Tsang

    I want the Nvdia Shield as i heard it is one of most powerful box for KODI, and the ability to play awesome game is epic! Wish myself lucky and bless Orland soul too.

  • Samuel Tsang

    Oh! Thank you for gift away and Timeruuu always educational and entertaining Youtube Video as well! Keep up good work mate. Sam NZ

  • michael

    I want to win one so I can provide my family with movie and cartoon content in a home safe environment. I spend quality family time together. Thanks

  • Robert Johnson

    Wow this would make a great travel companion! Always on the road, just pop this in and your set! I hear it’sit’s much better than the firestick! sick

  • AmarisD

    WOW, THANK YOU yet again for another giveaway. It seems every other week you are doing something great for your loyal followers. Don’t know how u do it, but just incredible how you find a way to do things like this. So many YouTubers with huge following don’t give anything back. Of course we all would like to win something, but it’s important that people realize how much you give back to the community, and no drama. Just straight up cause you want to, and can do it. Thank you, Thank you..

  • Jerry

    I would LOVE an nvidia sheild because like u said its #1 i would like to tedt that myself. iam running Kodi on my fire stick..I would be nice to have some power and speed to enjoy Kodi and other purchase IP TV in the future.. Thanks PS I watch all your vids…that has to be an extra point..

  • wakonyosai

    Cause you make Plex sound so cool to have 🙂

  • Archie Co

    Nc .

  • Biglz

    I would like to win NVIDIA SHIELD with it being the best for android as I hear so much about. I need to put the fire stick to its rest. Haha.

  • disqus_DdNb3hlZNs

    Wow! I would love to have this set up in my living room!

  • Francois Roy

    I would litteraly make make love to it since I’m a big Plex user but my NAS isn’t powerful enough to run a full transcoder, so I have to rely on a computer!


    Awesome product, Nvidia Shield TV with 4K streaming, advanced gaming. I hope I get through this giveaway. thanks. 🙂

  • Brian Dzurisin

    I would love to have the Nvidia Shield for my Media Center, I have tried all the Media Center Boxes out there and am convinced that the Shield is the best. Thank You

  • Hamza Grindi

    The best product ever !!! it would be a nice to upgrade my media center setup , Thanks ..

  • Neil Malcolm

    Basically because living here in Thailand they are extremely difficult to get hold of and they are awesome machines

  • Biglz

    I would like to win NVIDIA SHIELD with it being the best for android as I hear so much about. I need to put the fire stick to its rest. Haha. Plus who wouldn’t want to experience the best In 4k streaming, advanced gaming with a bonus of GeForce NOW

  • Michael Joel Febo

    I just want it for my collection. Awesome console .

  • anthony nuely

    i want it as a gaming & entertaintment for my kids

  • neospade44

    I want the Nvidia Shield Android TV to replace my slow and aging Nexus Player.

  • manoj lulla

    I want 16 GB NVIDIA SHEILD for my daughter cause she doesn’t have children in my building to play with her she will be very happy to have it cause she can play with me at home

  • gagahput3ra

    I just want it so that i can have a more power efficient device to use kodi. Right now i’m using an old desktop pc powered by an amd athlon 64 and dedicated gpu.

  • I would like for the Nvidia Shield to bring the android experience to my tv.

  • Kevin

    Yeah would love one of those.!So I can hook up my Kodi on it!

  • Rafie “Rafie G” Raphael

    This would be my first AndroidTV box and I would love to enjoy my Kodi experience on one.

  • pablo hernandez

    I would use it to cancel my tv account and stick it to Comcast everyday!

  • Max

    I’d like the Shield to primarily play games as I don’t have a gaming console. I would also use it to watch Youtube and Netflix on the big screen.

  • Josh Morton

    Tired off watching movies on my mobile device and having to charge it at the same time

  • jack zarou

    I can’t afford one right now so it would be real cool to win one

  • El

    Iam your # 2 fan..PICK me..I just want 2 win

  • James

    Wow was ecstatic when I got mail with chance to win I pressed the start button 4 times to load video, all that storage and ram.That would certainly stop all my buffering problems vastly improve watching caperbility what a joy to watch a film or show in time.jh

  • BobCaudleSays

    I want one because its free.Who doesn’t like free stuff?lol

  • Brian Sanchez

    I need one so I can see stuff with my family I am a kid that don’t get that much cool stuff that are new I really need that shield I’ve seen it on YouTube it looks amazing I wish I had that plz give it to me it will be amazing soo wish me luck lol .

  • Rob

    Because Retromania would play so much better on here.

  • Craig Flanagan

    I’d love to win so I cut the cord even more and loose my cable TV, what else is needed but 1 of these little beauties

  • JH5637

    So I can watch Tech Timeruuu vids on it!

  • Paul Spredbury

    Fantastic Opportunity to Win this Amazing bit of Hardware…

  • Allah Jowers

    Well I’m a 41 year old dad with two boys who are great boys. My youngest boy is 11 years old he is graduating this year (5/23/16. So i would love to receive this Nvidia Shield give away as a gift for my boy. Thank you

  • Zach Pq

    I would like it to play games.

  • Θανάσης Τονίδης

    I love gaming !!

  • g. leong

    so i can unhook the cable forever

  • Munsoor Phileman

    This would be the Best Father’s Day present period

  • Shaun Liversidge

    We all like free stuff and the nvidia is awesome.

  • Sujoy Singha

    Because.. NVIDIA Shield is the definitive set-top box Android TV device. And with KODI/SPMC on it, there’s no other streaming device that can compete with it. So, please please can I have one! Cheers!

  • Vlad

    Because i like gaming!

  • Nikos Stogiannidis

    Because i like gaming

  • Yoyo

    Hello I would love this for YouTube videos and right not my phone is broke D:

  • Mihai Iavorschi

    Because i like gaming.

  • John Hannah

    So many comments in front of me.kodi with The Beast for me and kodi and the gaming for the kids. Perfect!

  • Nas

    As a young couple and with the new arrival of our beautiful first born child, me and my girlfriend sold our possessions and moved out of our rented apartment back to my parents house.
    With all the joy and happiness a new child brings, I believe the Nvidia shield would not only bring a entertaining central point for the whole family to gather and enjoy, play games, watch new and old movies, tv, cartoons and view family pictures together, which would replace my parents form of entertainment which is a radio from the 60’s but also would bring a youthful freshness back to my aging parents when they see Kodi dressed in the Awesome Royalist Build xD
    I would love to explore the capabilities and power of the Nvidia Shield and continue to learn and develop from your tutorials to create a more meaningful and personal entertainment system for my family.
    Big Big Thanks, you brought a different kind of joy to our lives.

  • Midogo.ha

    I would like it to watch tv shows and play some games especially since it runs 4K.

  • Sri Hartini

    I Love Game, I hope to win 😀

  • Ryan Berkeley

    So I can watch tv, movies and play games on the best system available

  • Stanley

    Cause streaming my Kodi on my Amazon Fire Sticks sucks.

  • Mike Edwards

    I have one already, but I need one for my bedroom. lol

  • PNH57

    Because I don’t have one 🙁

  • Martin Souders

    Time to update my DigiStream with a new powerful NVIDIA box.

  • Guy Gaetano

    I bought a M9 Plus box and have problems from day one with the box freezing up on me. Love to have something that works without issues

  • Rendell P. Valles

    i want it to play games with my family, bond more.

  • Rafael

    This is perfect for my wife and me to enjoy movies and gaming with the kids

  • rocksolidsr

    I would like a shield to rule my living room

  • Knight Rodarte

    Hi! The reason I would love to win an Nvidia Shield is mainly because of my lack of a smart tv! You see, I have a good tv, yet it does not have streaming ability, and I am sure the Shield would help with that. I am in no position to buy a new tv, so I am in a tough place regarding as to what to do to stop watching content on my phone only. Thanks for the giveaway and good luck to everyone!

  • Randy Clement

    I’ve tried many boxes over the years and I’ve been disappointed with each one. The Nvidia Shield appears to be the best of the best. Unfortunately I don’t have the $$$ to buy one. My wife recently is off work due to a disability and I have 3 young girls. My whole family would love this little beast and hopefully distract my wife for a couple of hours from thinking about her disablity.

  • Josh Coleman

    Upgrade my living room from the FireStick

  • Shrikarsan Logeswaran

    I just want great TV experience.

  • venom


  • William

    Would like a quick fast TV experience that I can actually enjoy instead of having to worry about it crashing all the time

  • ecchi

    Want one for several reasons. I don’t have a console so I pretty much game only on mobile so it would be nice to play them on a big screen. Both my pc and laptop are crap so I can’t play any recent games. With this I can stream pc games. And lastly my mediaplayer wdtv’s last working usb port is acting up already after 6-7 years of use so I need a new one for my tv/movie/anime fix.

  • Robert Ottman

    So me and my family can enjoy watching movies and videos like tech timeruuuu youtube videos.

  • Karl Daehnert

    Tired of using The Beast on my cell phone!!

  • George

    because the technology is getting better and this like super better I use a fire stick and my kids love watching cartoons and pretty sure this going to better specially if you could play video games wow super excited thank u

  • John Springer

    HI 1 year in and I have a box and a stick. Would love the upgrade!

  • venom

    sure why not

  • Stan R.

    I want an Nvidia shield so I can put it on another Tv for my kids, so I can watch TV!

  • Chip Paine

    Would like to try one of these out

  • John Willis

    I want a Nvidia Shield Tv because I have always liked it and never have the money due to bill and kids. Thanks for the chance to win this.

  • Michael Rodriguez

    TheI would love a Nvidia shield is because I love the Android operating system Nvidia Shield is something I could just wish I had ….I can’t afford a tablet or a PC to watch Kodi on or anything like that so it is something I would love to have so me and my family can enjoy

  • Paul Connor

    Because this is the best box on the market and it would be perfect for my man cave.

  • Rob Ramos

    Love this technology

  • WILLIE WR (Willie68Wr)

    Would like to experience how Kodi runs on that device.

  • Roberto Gonzalez

    my birthday is coming soon 6/27 lol, plus i recently got a 4k tv and im tired of you tube

  • Michael John

    I always wanted an Android TV Box to play games and watch movies, and I would really like it, Thanks

  • Marcus

    because the technology and spec on the Nvidia shield is top quality and im just using a 1g android box. Would love it

  • Paulo Silva

    Because of annoying m8s I have make me furious

  • Joseph Munoz

    I want a nvidia shield cause I have heard a lot about how it’s the best and fastest box for kodi. I know I’ll never be able to afford it One cause I have a family and a low paying job so hopefully I’ll be able to win one. Thanks and good luck to me.

  • Peter Ibrahim

    I want to try something new and I can’t wait to try it 🙂

  • Edward Mancilla

    Would be nice to own something of value and also actually complete watching a movie in its time frame not 3hrs later from all the buffering on mobile device lol.

  • Paul Wilson

    Want this for the next level of gaming and movie experience

  • Kenji Godfrey

    Building a new man cave and would like to make this apart of it

  • Hilary Roy

    Would love this , to give to husband for his birthday

  • Nick Morreale

    Just got started with all this kodi and can only afford the android fire stick never won anything but willing to try lol

  • Joe Aguilar

    Would love nvidia shield the Best box in the game would be great for the family to enjoy kodi with no good luck every1

  • Ethan Storey

    I would like the Nvidia Shield as it would prove to be a useful tool for the projects that I am currently working on and would also give me the ability to make a super build due to the storage space.

  • LaMonte Clemons

    It’s an Awesome device and I want to see how your builds run on it.

  • Luis A Zambrano

    Would be nice to own it for the 4k possibility and to finally cut the cord, my other kodi devices arent really reliable as this would be.

  • Joe Perez Jr

    Right now I think Amazon Fire Tv boxes are the best streaming devices, so prove me wrong and giveaway me a Nvidia!! 🙂

  • Alaistair

    I would like this because, to be frank, I’m too tight to buy one

  • Nicholas Oxendine

    Love to see what the best machine around does to my Kodi watching experience.

  • Mitchell Boekhoudt

    The Nvidia shield is an awesome device that will help solve my current mediawatching problem.
    I will put it to good use in my mediacenter (living room) and it will make consuming media easier and smoother for me. This is a great giveaway and I hope that I can win one! Thanks

  • William Manzie

    ****I would like this so I don’t have the poor performance that I currently have with the fire stick ******

  • Tommy Mcallister

    I would love to win one of these, always wanted one and would be great to improve my mood!

  • Jaime Serrano

    simply because I never have the chance to have any android box and I will love to field the thrillride of owning one

  • Cristhian Gonzalez

    Soy de Ecuador aca lo venden en 380 muy caro y la economia de mi pais esta jodida y no puedo darme el lujo de comprar uno ya que hay mas necesidades y me gustaria tener uno.

  • Bruh Furly

    I need this in my life. And what better way to get one than to win one. Appreciate you for the opportunity; win or lose, you are awesome!

  • mark morgan

    I brought a madcatz mojo on recommendation of another YouTuber. What a dud no updates no support ouch. Please help. A new nvidia shield might ease this pain. Why did I listern to you Target 1080p. Oooouuuchhh. I dying .

  • Raisul Arifen

    I Want Nvidia shield just for run kodi on it . i have nothing to run kodi on my tv …if i win this i will run kodi on it……

  • David Hackett

    I’d like it because you say it’s the best android box out. And then my kids get my firestick.

  • Dinky Dinky

    Newcomer to this kodi tv, was told this was the best device to have so hell yeah I need it.


    No sad story here….Truth be told its suppose to be the best of the best and it would be nice just for anyone to own one #fingerscrossed

  • Bushay

    Been wanting one for the longest time! Please consider me.

  • Barry Redman

    It’s my wife’s birthday next week and really can’t be bothered to even think of what to get her sko this will do nicely

  • Michael Gerberich

    I would really enjoy owning a Shield. I have heard wonderful things. Thank you for the opportunity TT!

  • Rodney Farr

    I am a shut in and the first kodi I ever used was the beast. Been hooked ever since. Run it on my old dell laptop hooked the my TV through VGA. It has not failed to deliver great shows. And your YouTube tech advise has taught me plenty. So thank you for the hard work you put in ad I am a shut in with 5mb down speed.

  • Ayudate Ayudando

    With NVIDIA shield box i can help saving money and cut the cable cord. Enjoying KODI. And 1080p + 4k content. Tierd of using cell and excess of buffering.

  • Larry Henry

    The Fire sticks are cool but I would like to have space to accommodate the more robust builds like ” The Beast” or Spartan. The Royalist is running smooth on the stick but I like how Spartan is visually and user friendly for my kids. I currently am running the Beast on my laptop with Hdmi. I just want the Shield because I love having the best of the best. By all indications ‘The Shield” is as solid as you have stated. I am also a fan of Nvidia. They are top video card company. I have a great Vizio 60’ tv, and want to add excellence to it. Period!!

  • Gary Brooke

    So I can watch tech timeruu how to videos in style…….profit!!!!

  • Caba Felipito

    I will love to win one for the kids to play kodi movie and play android game with the kids

  • tigershuffle1

    so I can finally bury my fucking huge pc base unit under the patio

  • Roy Ruvalcaba

    I been wanting one for ever!! Your father’s day gift to me!! You are the son I never had…??

  • Andrew Jackson

    He shoots! He scores! What a streamer from Nvidia.

  • Gary Latti

    The NS looks crazy awesome, I am new to your channel and the Kodi community I would love the opportunity to watch your high quality videos on this wicked streaming and gaming device. I would give the NS a great home, I live in a famous well secured estate call Buckingham Palace please don’t tell anyone.

  • Daryl Lowry

    I would love one as I am currently using as firestick and it is so slow, also was looking at getting one to stream games to but are abit over my budget atm.

  • akai07

    I’ve been following your youtube channel Tech Timeruu for almost two years now,
    Its been awesome watching and giving us best informations on kodi. More power and to your educational site. Hope i could win the Nvidia shield. Thanks

  • Joe Crawford

    I would like to see what it’s capable of doing. I like to try different things and this looks like I can do a lot with

  • Ron Gregory

    newly retired, what a great way to spend time. playing nvidia shield.

  • Jay Dee

    I keep hearing about the best device to run Kodi on these videos I watch. I would love to be able to watch KODI on my TV instead of my little PC. If I won 2 would definitely take it to my rec center and let them have at it. Maybe even give them mine if I got lucky, who knows. But I have never won anything. HAHAHA… Would be awesome!

  • Winston Burke

    I would like to replace our old roku 2 xd with an awesome Nvidia Shield! Thank you.

  • Chris

    I would like to use it in my room to watch movies and play games with ease and make the most of my flat screen TV and the Internet. Thank you very much for the opportunity.

  • david rodriguez

    I want to try that powerful devices in the all of time,with that devices you can do the best of the 2 ting play games and streaming videos, the best box I ever see.

  • loop6719

    I would love the gaming and the power of the streaming box to replace my roku 2xs

  • Andrew Vaudrey

    Have watched your tutorials on making builds and customising kodi, but i only hav a firestick and it keeps crashing and i loose all my hardwork so i would love a shield to actually enjoy kodi again lol! Pick me pick me

  • Richard Wallace

    Have to show everyone just how well the Nvidia shield box not only stacks up but absolutely rules the competition! Hands down the best box out there!

  • Michael Suchowierski

    need it for games and kodi!

  • Chris Meder

    My wife does not let my buy new toys such as this, so winning one would be awesome. I have a Fire TV stick and it is badly under powered compare to Nvidia Shield TV. I run the Royalist which is great but I imagine with the Shield it would be incredible. Thanks!

  • Cesar Varela

    trying to cut the cord

  • Damien Conway

    Currently using Chromecast but I want the best possible kodi experience, Nvidia has the best hardware and will still be best for a while yet. Every update makes it better, this is where it’s at. I want so bad! ???

  • steve brown

    Can’t afford to buy one due to being on benefits

  • Mitten

    Would love one as it would change everything and would mean I can finally run the full Beast Build without lag and would just make my day

  • Dennis Lee Major

    just love the style of it. to watch kodi is a bouns

  • Daz Trow

    Really would like the chance to experience what the NVIDIA SHEILD has to offer as my current device isn’t to impressive ha but also i want a NVIDIA SHEILD and I’ll but honest when a say this Id like one to PEE OFF few of my m8s cos all they ever do is tell me all internet tv boxes are rubbish including mine (which is) ha that’s why I want one lol

  • Sam Wong

    I’ve heard the Nvidia Shield is the absolute best android box for streaming video and would love to try it. And it’s near Father’s Day!

  • Shannon Fritz

    I would love to see how the Shield might be the single device in the living room that feed streaming services like Pandora, Netflix, Vevo, Hulu and YouTube, be a Chromecast receiver, serve my Plex library AND (hopefully) integrate the HDHomeRun DVR for live over-the-air TV and recordings. All that without switching HDMI Inputs and a single remote control? Hell yeah, sign me up.

  • Nicholson Douseewhateyec

    I have a extended family in Manila, they are very poor, I send them money when I can. They are simple people, cant afford much in the way of entertainment. They have 3 beautiful children under the age of 10, they have never been to a actual movie theater…how weird is that. I make DVDs fo them to play on their player I send them when I can. Would love to send and setup for them to watch and stream kids movies and games…it would not actually be for me..would be for them…hope that doesn’t disqualify me. Love your youtube channel and use and share with my friends using Kodi..your videos are simple to follow. Thanks

  • Nicholson Douseewhateyec

    I have a extended family in Manila, they are very poor, I send them money when I can. They are simple people, cant afford much in the way of entertainment. They have 3 beautiful children under the age of 10, they have never been to a actual movie theater…how weird is that. I make DVDs fo them to play on their player I send them when I can. Would love to send and setup for them to watch and stream kids movies and games…it would not actually be for me..would be for them…hope that doesn’t disqualify me. Love your youtube channel and use and share with my friends using Kodi..your videos are simple to follow. Thanks

  • Karl Doloroso

    I want to win this so i can use kodi better, since the fire stick sometimes have a hard time loading stuff, because wifi. And I want to experience the greatness of the shield.

    And hey it’s free!!!

  • Mannix Martinez

    I have a fire stick watch all your videos and like and them only problem is my kids don’t let me watch my stuff and be great for father’s day.

  • allen quinn

    Hello tech T
    I just turned 19 and have 6 months to live. I have stage 4 lymphoma and congestive heart failure. Since I’m 19, the make a wish foundation turned me down for my wish. To own and be buried with a nvidia shield. The only thing in life that gives me hope, is winning one of these supper sweet Kodi streaming machines. OK, I’m not 19, don’t have cancer or heart failure. But the rest is true. Come on Tech Tonic Timeruuuuuu, shoot me a Shield T.V.

  • Nancy Weaver

    While volunteering at a food bank and speaking with the Elderly, I became aware to many of our Seniors are in poverty and very much alone without TVs, or with TVs and at the mercy of cable and phone providers. The image of a 92 year old Senior I visited sitting staring out the window alone and in silence because he couldn’t afford a TV or cable haunted me.

    I’ve made it my mission to try to improve Seniors quality of life by trying to give them access to Kodi TV and/or helping them cut the cable. I started researching on an old lap top I borrowed, phone and cable alternatives, I came across and settled on Kodi TV. I have been all over ebay, amazon, Aliexpress looking for boxes and hardware. Every time I settle on something, negative reviews turn me away. Or I would call the people selling the boxes to find they do not support or guarantee anything really. For a number of seniors I am going to have to get donations for their equipment. Many have very old or no TVs at all.

    Concurrently, I have been educating myself about builds and add­ons. (Many heart felt thanks to the Kodi devopers and guys like you that donate their time on these builds and addons.) I showed a Kodi build on the lap top to some Seniors at church. At first they were very confused but once they caught on you would have thought they had won the lottery they were so excited.

    The laptop I am using is old and slow. I could use the Nvidia Shield for several reasons. I know it is one of the best boxes for Kodi TV. I would like to use it to give presentations to Church and Civic groups to solicit donations and get volunteers on board this project. The exposure would help the manufacturer to increase sales to the people I present to. Also, my hope would be to work with the manufacture to get “special” discounts on boxes for Seniors living in poverty.

    With your help, I could get this project of and running, Thanks and God Bless.

  • Root

    Nvidia Shield best box hands down. Id love to share the awesomeness to other less fortunate.

  • Peter Ramirez

    I think this is a great device I use my fire stick a lot and I enjoy kodi fingers crossed.

  • Esmeralda Anthony Lara

    Would love it fo my two sons they both have autism n M/R one is 24 the other 13 but they love games n movies…

  • Ratt Rattratt

    i like to have one to test with….thanks for the giveaway.. keep up the good stuff that you do….

  • Anthony Brucculeri

    I want to get rid of this firestick already! Don’t have the money for the shield. I would love to win it!

  • Brandon Wiggins

    The Shield is the best streaming box PERIOD! Want one as the sole place of entertainment for my family! You Rock TT!!!!

  • Denise Snodgrass

    I would like to win the giveaway for my husband. He is such a fan of yours and wants one pretty bad.

  • Ian Woodworth

    Techtimeruuu you got me involved in the wonderful world of kodi, and the perfect machine to enjoy it has got to be the nvidia shield. Yes please sir !!

  • mark philpott

    Unfortunately everybody I know is fit and healthy so no sob story. Nvidia shield looks awesome so pick me. Cheers

  • Angel Pech

    The Nvidia sheild will be the firs time to use it if i win it.

  • bracaleone

    Nvidia Shield best box and I love it…!!!!!!!!

  • prince

    infinite entertainment on a single device, including movies
    and shows in 4K Ultra HD or 1080p,my favorite songs at the touch of a
    button, a new generation of great games,

    favorite apps like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Sling TV (includes
    ESPN), Disney, Showtime, CBS All Access, Pandora, NBA, and Kodi (XBMC) –
    powered by Android TV.

    most advanced gaming of any streaming media player.
    Play next-gen Android games only available on SHIELD or stream popular
    PC games from the cloud.

    Chromecast is built-in, so you can cast from your Android or iOS
    phone to the big screen. Plus, Google voice search and commands make it
    easy to find something good within seconds.unbeatable performance – 3x faster than Apple TV, 4x faster than
    Fire TV, and 10x faster than Roku 4. SHIELD Pro includes the SHIELD
    controller, and an HDMI cable.i just love it.

  • Howard “Howie” Shiffer

    I would like to win a Nvidia Shield because its simply the best streaming device out there. I have an amazon fire tv but would love to upgrade to the Nvidia. Thanks

  • Miguel Servantez

    I want the nvidia shield so I can get a better experience on kodi and get rid of this firestick. It would make an awesome birthday present 🙂


    The Nvidia Shield would be perfect to own for the first time. I haven’t able to purchase the shield because there pricey. This would be a great opportunity to own one. Thank you Tech Timeruuu for doing this for the community.

  • Stephen Deady

    I want it to explore all the glory of The Royalist and The Beast!!! #no1buildsonkodi

  • Erick Rodriguez

    I’ve been researching the best devices for kodi and from what I’ve researched Nvidia Shield seems to be the favorite. I was thinking of buying it. Figured I will try to win it first. Appreciate the opportunity. Good luck to all!

  • Roy Deery

    I am not going to bullshit u with reasons why I want the shield like everyone else has, I want the device cause it’s just awesome

  • Bradley Rick

    Best Dayum Box going And my 3 little Girls just love games and TV.. best of both worlds right here If we Win… Good Luck everyone….

  • maurice kenny

    I am saving for firestick just had to put my name in the pot.

  • Junior Cruz

    Need something better then my crappy $30 android box.

  • Elvis Echaza

    To be honest i got one 1 fire stick because it was cheap. i keep on hearing good things about the Nvidia Shield and watch the reviews on google about the device. Im planing on upgrading to a better tv soon and it would be fantastic to have an Nvidia Shield tv to enjoy my tv shows on the future new Tv.

  • football player

    Would love to give a Nvidia shield to my father for father day!!!!!

  • venom


  • DavidMj

    No quiero dar una respuesta super asombrosa y rebuscada, simplemente quiero el DIspositivo porque es lo mejor que hay en Media Players de todos los tiempos!.. Espero Ganar!

  • Anibal Menjivar

    Cause we fucking love it!!.. The device is the king of Media Centers!! I hope to win!

  • Shreadman

    Would love to win one to see what all the hype is about. Currently have Fire stick, NVIDIA SHIELD unfortunately not in the budget.

  • Elvis Echaza

    Is going to be awesome. I will be able to watch my favorite tv shows and movies on the new 4k that i got last week. i heard is the Nvidia is the best box out there and i would love to install the new kodi encore in there like i have on my cell phone. would love to win one that’s for sure. looking foward to play games on it too. thanks

  • Jonathan Wilkerson

    I was going to get the shield but my vizio tv just died and I had to put my cash towards a new tv. It would awesome to win a shield. 🙂

  • chris doyle

    Hi there, man I would love to own this device, great giveaway nice one, hope my name’s on one of them bad boys !!!

  • James Dytham

    I would love one as my firestick died on me with black screen and can’t get on phone as I have no jailbreak or laptop 🙁

  • Kevin

    Looks like a great device.

  • Caanon A Thomas

    Would love to win an Nvidia Shield…It looks awesome!!!!…Keep doing what your doing bro!!

  • Pure Dope Music

    Really heard so many good things about these!!! I would really love to enjoy streaming with this!!! They are almost impossible to come by!!!

  • Mariano Moreno

    just tired of hearing the whining from my 5 kids when the firestick starts buffering. Heard a lot of great things about the NVidia shield. Plus it would be perfect for my 40th birthday (6/20)……


    I just want to win one because they look awesome and my fire stick kind of sucks. But I’m new to Kodi, so there’s that

  • solo

    Its the only of it’s kind an android tv with such high specs contain monster maxwell technology by nvidia, truly competitor of PS4, there’s no gaming console output upto 4K even now sony announce PS4 neo providing output upto 4k, i’m truly love this NVIDIA SHIELD TV.

  • Bugeyed

    Love the Shield! ,the nexus player on roids

  • Santos Hernandez

    I really need a second device to use kodi on. My wife Hoggs up my laptop too much to watch her damn reality shows. Plus it’s almost fathers day and I’m more than likely not getting anything again so this would be an awesome fathers day gift for me.

  • Gerard Harte

    Because my friend has the nvidia shield he and keeps showing off how advanced it is compared to my mxq pro android box…which won’t stop buffering… -_- and iv never won anything before 😛 good luck everyone

  • Dave T

    I want one,just to see if they’re as good as everyone says they are!

  • Wessam ma

    I need this monster contraption they said it is the best for kodi beside having 2 boys who keep fighting playing and jumping and rocking the house hopefully this will calm them down.Thanks

  • Robert Mayberry

    Been using a fire tv box with The Beast, and im ready to join the big leagues with the Shield. Thanks so much for the shot at winning one!

  • Steven

    I game online a lot so having this along side my xbox one elite will be great plus it has 16GB of memory and my xbox has 2TB of memory add that with the 2TB and I’ll be able to game with my nephews online more often than I am right now plus I work a lot so I never really have time to get as much gaming in as I want to. Having the Nvidia Shield Tv with remote would one of my dreams come true and I also read about it online recently and from what I read there are no words that describe how great this device works. I hope win thank you so much for this opportunity.

  • Nicholas Jones

    I am in the Army and I am heading to Korea for a year and I want to be able to watch Kodi while I am there and I would love to have this so that I am able to keep myself entertained while I am away!

  • Lloyd C

    This would be a great upgrade to win this ! Since I don’t have the cash to buy one.

  • Lewis Roberts

    To keep the missus happy, get rid of the Amazon Fire and go up in the world!:D

  • cari muniz

    Because I hate slow ass streaming devices and need speed.

  • k edwards

    from the reviews the Nvidia shield seems to be a superior gaming console it would be a blessing to own one…Tech Timeruuu Rules !!!

  • Byronie

    If would like to win the Nvidia shield because I heard amazing things about it such as its the best android box to run Kodi on it. I would also like to win it because I’m tired of using my family’s fire tv stick.

  • Jorge Marquez

    Seen videos that this is the best. I’ve been working with a M8 box and I’m tired of the lag on it. Would love to be selected.

    Thanks for all your help

  • Edward G. Serrano

    This device is really powerful and it does have all the features I want in a streaming device and includes Kodi! With this Android platform device you have it all!

  • Andrew Kean

    Great looking powerful device, would really be a great addition to my media center. Good luck all!


    I want to see the nvdia hype

  • Cliff Borem

    Awesome giveaway!! Thanks TT and NVIDIA!!

  • Chango

    I want this so I can watch all the new Tech Timeruuu YouTube videos in my living room on my currently non-smart TV which has no streaming ability! Spartan Pixel rocks! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Dale Barnes

    Play video game answers stream IPTV

  • Dale Barnes

    Just dream IPTV and play video game

  • David

    I would love to win because I am broke and so is my stupid firestick!!!!!!

  • Ivan Aramayo

    Been with Android for the longest. Bought my son the nvidia shield tablet. He loves it. THIS SHIELD CONSOLE HERE IS THE ICING ON THE CAKE. With all the Tutorials available to us by Tech Timeruuu this new shield will take me to my world,! my way, my time of endless entertaiment. Awesome apportunity!!! Truly!

  • Luis Corcino

    I need one so bad …That will be like a dream come true for me …Nvidia shield + kodi with encore on it = alot of popcorn? with the fam?? ..Friday is my day ?

  • Wayne M Pope

    I love to give one to my daughter to say thank you for doing such a great job in high school and becoming a Millennium Scholar at Penn State

  • daghino09

    I would love to win the Nvidia shield, it’s an amazing tv box and I would to sideload apps to watch tv since it has an Amazing video quality, my friend owns one and there’s no buffering.

  • Dan Booker

    I currently own a basic android box preloaded with kodi that I got sucked into buying because I had know idea what Kodi was at the time. I have recently learned a lot about kodi and would love an nvidea shied to play around with. I would give my current box to my parents or brother to introduce them to kodi.

  • TJ Touchin

    I have never ever won anything on the radio, tv, or the internet please pick me :). Your youtube channel rocks and the NVIDIA Shield looks awesome. Thanks

  • Eddie Bega

    Simply put, best device of its kind, hands down. It’s something my entire family would enjoy and use. From streaming from kodi, Netflix, and hulu to enjoying great games on the best android device around. Fingers crossed, hoping for the best, but either way, thanks for this awesome giveaway and keep up the great work!!

  • Michael luna

    Hi my name is Michael I watch your shows on youtube and it has inpired me to get into kodi but unfortunately I don’t make enough to have a nvitia shield or a good box to steam for that matter. I have talked to my friends and theirs a good possibility I might work on a build but it would be nice to have a good box to make videos and show others the benefits of having kodi. Because with out kodi I wouldn’t get to watch tv or inertain my nephew so please consider me for a canidate that would a lot especially coming from a pro and someone who has have me inspiration to find soming I love doing and would like to help more people like you do

  • Sa’ad Bin Sadiq

    Am tired of multitasking in my tablet…
    So need a new platform for gaming!

  • Ken Sams

    2 – G Box’s MX2 ~ for 3 years ~ Need I say More!
    Ṳṕḋḁṫḕḋ Ṕḷḕḁṥḕ

  • Free Tv

    I love kodi and i want a nvidia shield cause its free !!

  • Hank Hill

    I would love this because recently my nexus player from 3 yrs ago died 5 months ago and I have nothing to watch it with still but I still watch your videos still so i can see how the scene is doing thanks 😀

  • Danny E Wyatt

    Thanks for the great opportunity! Much appreciated!

  • Rameshwar Shrestha

    I just want it..

  • Jr Justice

    I want something that is better than the Firestick im currently using and a shield would be greatly appreciated…

  • Anas El

    I don’t have any console!!

  • Todor Jelev

    Best media box period

  • Sean Matthew

    Unfortunately, my experience with The Beast and Royalist are not as good as they could be. I’ve had 3 ‘China boxes’ and they are nothing but continued problems. I’d love to have something that JUST WORKS so I can enjoy the builds. I’ve read much about these Nvidia boxes but they are just to rich for my wallet.

  • Kenny Paxtor

    I love the Nvidia Shield because it is extremely powerful and you can watch Netflix in 4K!!!! Plus get games and of course run kodi. It is a 1 stop entertainment center 🙂 I know all this because my father in law has one and always shows it off when we visit him. One big reason why I like coworkers their house. #rulethelivingroom

  • Pritam Guin

    Still saving my pocket money to buy this beauty. I want to create the biggest movie/TV library in all of India. the best part is that i wil not have to buy a chromecast seperately (would need to keep this on obviously to cast) and this will work also let me play my awesome pc games on the big screen.

  • Mark Mano

    Want to try my luck! Heard so much about the Shield. I’m using the “cheap” Fire Stick and love to try the best “Shield”

  • Artie tams

    With 5 kids and a wife as you can imagine I get to watch nothing! Please save me from another day of frozen and dr Phil !! I need to win

  • Johnny Valle

    It’s a good thing that I have my mobile device at once on my movies I can share with my family and I think it’s very good and I hope

  • Bipin singh

    Tired of playing games in smartphone want to play high end games


    I need to build a entertainment system to enjoy my night after work the Shield TV will be enough for me.

  • Craig Coyle

    Because im always behind the tech curve! Would be nice to be able to own something before everyone else 🙂

  • Ian Woodworth

    Simply put the nvidia shield is “THE BEAST” of media centres

  • Crazy King

    Want it because i cant save enough to buy one and current console is broken

  • Anthony McLain

    I purchased an older mx model for my mom for mothers day, & it hasn’t worked right from day one & I’ve tried everything to get it working right. This would be for her since she’s retired, on a fixed income, & enjoying TV is her only form of entertainment now. She would be Sooo happy & since i never win Anything, I’d be Sooo happy to make her happy. Crossing my fingers for her 🙂
    Good luck everyone!

    • Anthony McLain

      One thing to add, I’ve tried since you started this contest to login & post a comment, & this is the first time I’ve gotten the verification code to login & post a comment to this page. It’s a hard site to register so I’m happy I’m finally got verified to register & enter the contest. Mom is crossing her fingers & so am I 🙂

  • Brian B

    I need the nvidia shield to help keep my kids occupied with the latest movies. They like to watch movies almost as much as I do and we do not have the same tastes. Currently running kodi on my desktop pc and this will allow me to have another system where we can watch what we want. No fighting over the remote, or keyboard/mouse. Thank you.

  • Merc

    I would love to have one of these. Reason being it would be refreshing to have something that actually works, consistently.

  • kemara grant

    Would love to be a winner this time I really need one for iptv

  • martinyfelix

    I would love to have one because I’m tired of watching movies and TV shows on my laptop

  • Roydon Grant

    I wouldn’t mind trying out this new device as I definitely need another one for my bedroom when I dont feel like being in the living room.

  • melvin sanchez

    Nvidia shield for the win!

  • Dave Garrick

    I’d love to experience Kodi on a ‘proper’ android box instead of the cheapo one I have currently.

  • sublimesk

    I would love to win a shield tv because of the awesome functionality, great looks and powerful hardware. This console makes cutting the cord easy ! … and could even turn me onto gaming 😉

  • Mahala Wister

    Would love a shield!!!


    I have the mx3 and I like it but my son wants a new gaming system he’s going to be 9 and I just cant see buying him a ps4 or xbox1 at his age. Also my wife and daughter dominate the current media center with their tv shows its insane. Would love to have one these just for the men of the house.

  • Ray Shank

    I,always wanted a Nvdia shield but my bills come first and even if I don’t win I wish all the luck to everyone else maybe there someone who needs it more than I do but Thank you for such a great thing that you are doing keep up the good youtube videos Ray & Anita

  • Yussuf Asundah

    I don’t even have a phone to start with and my TV doesn’t support much of what this device can do.It would be great if I could grab one?

  • Prince90612

    I’m still using Raspberry pi 2 as my main device.

  • Dennis

    Not only would this make a great early Birthday present but then I could finally experience all the hype about this primo Android TV box!! Thanks for giving us this type of opportunity.

  • rahul verma

    Its is a awesome device which is excellent for watching movies and shows it is powerfull and fantastic i hope i win

  • venom

    it’s fast

  • Taylor Forbes

    With a 1 year old and a new born on the way with the Shield Tv ill be able to stay up on gaming form the coach with my young ones.

  • ralphwiggum1

    I need the power! And the games.. oh the games!

  • Larry Laginess

    Super Mega Baseball, basically

  • rob kopenec

    I’d want the shield to use as the hdhomerun and Plex box.

  • Steffon Ferguson

    The Nvidia Shield Tv is the perfect device to start cutting ties with cable. I also want to take full advantage of Gamestream and Plex.

  • Leroy Burket

    Because I really want one. Thanks for the opportunity to win

  • Maximilian Anschütz

    I want to win because i only have a tv with 720p resolution 🙁 and i really want to have 4K!!! I want to see how it looks like and play all the time

  • brocuz11

    I want it because I am sick and tired of using a very slow amazon fire tv stick that struggles to perform when using the beast build.

  • Patrick Dean

    I want to put the beast on those soooo bad I need an upgrade! Pleaseeee techh!

  • Gorgon

    I have heard a lot of good things about the shield but have ever gotten to use one personally.

  • James

    Because it’s awesome! And Plex media server makes it even more awesome-r!

  • Michael Braun

    Would be the perfect living room addition to combine with my Shield K1 tablet!

  • Is Laz

    Nvidia produces high quality hardware such as GTX 1080 and Shield but at the same time time, they care about software part too. Owh and I have a dumb tv.

  • Peter Meek

    i want it because my fire stick never worked well except with the royalist build I really want a platform to try and enjoy other builds

  • Lateisha Gladden

    Looking to upgrade from my 1st generation Fire TV.

  • Schnazzy

    I don’t own a console, but have an extensive PC gaming library. Streaming from my gaming PC that has a GTX970 would be awesome!

  • Jan Bender

    Nvidea is fastest and easiest to use!!

  • Joseph Hutchings

    Streaming is the future (already here). Tired of cable, spend more time watching YouTube, etc. Have a Nexus Player that I would like to move to the bedroom and replace the Living room with a Shield.

  • venom

    BATMAN !

  • Troppina Maico

    I really hope to win the Nvidia Shield, It is the best streaming media player so far and it would be great on my new 4K TV! Thanks

  • Ed Martin

    I would love to enjoy it with my son. Been wanting one for some time now unfortunately cannot
    afford it at the moment. Wish us all luck!!

  • Pedro

    I Would Like The NVIDIA Shield Cause I Dont Have A Gaming Console Or A Fast PC For Games.
    And If I Get The NVIDIA Shield Tv I Can Play God Games And Watch Movies on My TV.
    Thank For The Oportuniti

  • Andrzej Winski

    Because I would love to use for Watching best kodi build on the markets!!!The Beast. Also play for games
    from psx,N64!!!!!This is machineeeee I need!!!

  • The Rookie

    Time to trash my fire tv

  • Eugenia

    Cause Nvidia Shield Is The Best Set-Top Box And Would be Amazing For the family to enjoy Kodi.
    And I Tired To Watch Movie And Play Games On My Mobile Revive.

  • venom

    16gb NVidia shield tv

  • Ray McConnell

    Well…Unfortunately I’ve been out of work since the beginning of April and i’ve also had to cancel my sky+ subscription as well because i cant afford it, so not many TV channels or Films for me and the misses. I don’t own a console either, so to win a Shield is a marvelous thought and i’m sure it would perk me and the misses up no-end. What are the chances though aye, However it’s so nice for the guys to do this kind of giveaway, So Good luck everyone.

  • BSRGaming

    I would love the nvidia sheild because I feel like it would make my game that much better. I just rebuilt my PC so to have the ability to game on my big TV in my living room would be fantastic but also my game with my wife. To be like honey come take a look at this, wipe it out and be like hey girl now we can watch and play whatever want on this TV boo yea! Tech Timeruuu help me wiht my game 😉

  • Pablo Hernandez

    Because I’m a broke college student and would like to upgrade from using kodi on my laptop.

  • Ryan Palmedher

    Been wanting one of these so bad!!!! It would make an awesome upgrade from my Intellivision.

  • Alex

    I would like to replace my old streaming box, pain in the a… to watch a good quality movie on it.Thanks for your channel.

  • Cristhian Gonzalez

    Soy de Ecuador aca lo venden en 380 muy caro y la economia de mi pais
    esta jodida y no puedo darme el lujo de comprar uno ya que hay mas
    necesidades y me gustaria tener uno.

  • noel

    hope to win the nvidia shield on friday. since my media pc borke 2 weeks ago ive been debating on what to purchase. for my home tv the shield was on my list but out of my price range. and good luck to all the participants.

  • Dennis TheMenace

    It’s a time for the new life!!!

  • Brandon Paige

    I would love to get my hands on a shield box for the flexibility and sheer power over and above all the rest giving me the opportunity to use the beast to its full potential.

  • Raymond gomez

    Hii saludos me gustaria ganar el Nvidia por q es lo mejor android para ver kodi y nunca me e ganado nada….y gracias por la oportinidad……y timeruuu…..

  • valerieparchment

    Would love to own this, it would be a big improvement on my little firestick.

  • Schoolboyalex _02

    Would LOOVE nvidia shield awesomest thing ever i would love to use kodi on it

  • Deven

    My dad would love this for father’s day I know he gets frustrated with his fire stick. This would be awesome. For both parties. Thank you

  • James Stone

    I want this device because I don’t have any type of gaming system or movie system except for my tablet which is slow.!

  • Eric Humphrey

    Cool giveaway! Good luck to everyone.

  • Xy The Guy

    I want it because I’m tired of hooking my laptop up to my tv through HDMI just so I can watch movies. And I constantly have to go and fix it too. I don’t have a smart tv either :/
    With this, I can freely relax from my couch! 🙂

  • Rick

    I am new to the kodi experience and I would like to start with a Great device. Thanks for all the helpful information.

  • stephen agostinho

    I would love a Nvidia shield TV because it’s the best box to have and it would be free… Good luck to everyone

  • William Evans

    need one so i can finish cutting these cords.

  • Peter Miano

    I am tired of watching videos about the Nvidia Shield TV on my PC… I want to watch videos about the Nvidia Shield on the Nvidia Shield. So… please give it to me!

  • Viki

    Would love to replace Firestick with nvidia shield. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • David

    Hi, I have been looking at the shield for a long time. Unfortunately my wife is going to nursing school and we have 3 kids with some minor health issues and money is tight sense I am the only source of income which is fine and will be worth it. If I had one, I would setup kodi on it and put some games on it for the kids, they would love it. Maybe I will get lucky.

  • venom


  • LaMonte Clemons

    I want it because its the BEST box in the biz!

  • Andrew Lewis

    Because more ram, more games, better controller support. Good luck all!

  • djdlite512

    As the only male in my house (wife and 3 TEENAGE daughters), I deserve this amazing piece of tech in my man cave! PLEASE PLEASE help me cope with the estrogen! 🙂

  • Dennis

    Would love to try one of your builds on this unit as well as testing out the gaming!

  • Edgar Garcia

    I have one myself and it’s the best in the game. Want another for my 5 year old neighbor who always comes to my house to watch tv with my son because the have no cable. Mom can’t afford it. So not only I would make his day by giving him one Nvidia shield but I also will be sharing my wifi as a good neighbor so he and his mom can enjoy tv. They had a rough life and I just want help a little.

  • Casey Robertson

    I want a streaming box, this is simply the best. Also I want to port my games to Android TV and need one to test on.

  • venom

    3 NVidia shield tv’s

  • Techmeup

    Hi, I went through many pages to find my previous post, but could not. Boy are you popular!!! The confirmation email sent me to, I registered, but it did not redirect me or confirm the entry. >>> I would love to use the Envidia media streamer. It is undeniably the best on the market now. I’m using your Royalist build. Its simple and clean and one of the best builds out there. Keep up the good work.

  • venom


  • Mike Jones

    I would love to have one, i been watching the video on the shield and i think it is the best one for my family, and my wife can get off my @##$% for she can watch some good show’s without it buffing so much.

  • carlos roque

    It would get my girlfriend off my back. And she can watch her shows and it would be great for her nieces.

  • mMaul24

    I’m looking to give a new device to my father for fathers day. He is the best and i want to give him the best!

  • venom

    YEAP !

  • Barbatruck

    I really want to play games on my TV, specially The Witcher 3 ! All the solutions to play games on TV are really expensive, and i think the Nvidia Shield is the best in this category….

  • Enrique Velez

    Because I can’t afford to buy one and I want to see movies and live TV through your apk..

  • Alen Kuzmanovic

    I would like to give it to my cousin for his 18th birthday!!

  • Steve Osbourne

    Would just love to experience how this beast handles The Beast!! 🙂

  • Amy Posey Graham

    Would love to win this for my husband, he does so much for me and our 5 kids and he’s wanted one for a while and this would be a great surprise for him.

  • Dan

    Really would like to steam kodi and play some games. My kids would love it


  • Jason Flamand

    Been testing Kodi/XBMC for years and will use as long as it it available. Would love to add a Nvidia Shield to my collection. Heard it is the best box around

  • Joe Mininni

    Have wanted one of these units since shortly after i discovered the kodi community and they arrived on the hardware market. Always try and spread knowledge on kodi and how awesome it is, don’t even know if i could live without it now lol. Would be awesome to add one more thing i can tell people about from first hand knowledge. Good luck to everyone, someone is getting an aweosme piece of equipment!

  • kyle

    just want to eat popcorn….and enjoy some future technology……..and to get the wife to leave me alone…lol

  • Gabriel Visbeek

    Me gustaría ganarmelo porque no tengo consola de juegos. Hace rato que me anoto en sorteos y hace mucho que no me gano nada.

  • steve

    I’d like an Nvidia Shield because I use an old tablet to run Kodi on now and cast it to my TV but it’s a pain in the ass. I’ve been shopping around for an android box, reading reviews and watching YouTube reviews and everyone says that so and so are good boxes but they all end up comparing then to the Shield as the box that is the best. I’m tired of compromising, I want the best.

  • ken hargrove

    Because i Love streaming and gaming so i am ready to take a Huge leap up from my Fire Stick to Nvidia Shield that will really do the job right.

  • Roger McIntyre

    Its the best for streaming and add your builds its a win!

  • Trinh Lam

    I would love to win this for my family. They can use something like this because it seems powerful.

  • Dan Hayden

    I am running an old Beelink R89 and rockchip support is dead

  • Francisco Flores

    Ever since I discovered Kodi I’ve been trying to see which is the best media box around. I’m planning to cancel my cable service but not without have a good, reliable fast media player. Having the NVIDIA box would be a dream come true!

  • Ali

    I am tired of watch movies on my phone…..I want experience Kodi on nvidia . Good luck everyone

  • Gregorio Quetzalcoatl Muñoz

    My nephew doesn’t have anything to play games on, and I can’t afford to buy him a console. This would be perfect for him because android games aren’t expensive, and I can put emulators and ROMs on this very easily.

  • ‫مسابقات مجانية‬‎

    ohhh ,fantastic’d be crazy if I win it , thank you spartanpixel for thiss giveaway , i will be so happy if i win because i realy need it , i want it because i realy like it and can not buy one 🙁 and you “spartanpixel” the only way to achieve my wish

  • Philip Turnbull

    well being a retired naval veteran with 27 years service and living on a pension, I really can not afford to buy one but would definitely love to be gifted one and from such an excellent build as yours, that would be the cherry on top.thanx for your consideration

  • Riko Syahrir

    i want it coz really handy,i dont need watch from my mobile phone anymore if i have this

  • Brendin Bingold

    I would like to have one please, in Australia it’s too expensive. Good Luck Everyone

  • R Rodriguez

    4 days ago
    I want it, because, is the best tv box in the market!

  • Susana Etchetto

    Porque necesito cambiar la placa de vídeo de mi PC y no tengo recursos económicos.

  • Susana Etchetto

    Because I need to change the video card in my PC and I have no financial resources.

  • venom

    shield tv nvidia

  • Fernando Alanis

    ii have tried on xbox,amazon nfire srick g box and now wouold to try on a nvidia sheld

  • Rene Carrasco

    I will be brief NVIDEA SHIELD… Please

  • James Thorley

    What can I say – Like Tina Turner – It’s simply the best!!!

  • James Stone

    I want this thing because I have no movie or game system

  • venom


  • R Welch

    As single parent of 3 kids it would make a great addition to house. Have read the many posts talking about how great a system it is but priorities mean not something can consider right now. Good luck to all and thanks for sharing these with everyone

  • Andy

    Thanks for all you do. My kids will love it!

  • venom


  • Earl Charles

    You got 3 and I want 1. So give it up and I wont get rough!

  • Mohammed Akhtar

    Nvidia Shield TV is a versatile device that is excellent for entertainment

  • Barb Davidson

    Good luck everyone 🙂

  • John Davey

    What can I say. Like everyone I would love to win but realize only 3 can. I cant afford to buy one of these but to win one would be amazing for my family. Thanks for the chance

  • Steve Osbourne

    Because I really really really want one!

  • Steve Osbourne

    Because you’re a really really nice guy and that you would love to give one to me 🙂

  • venom


  • Kevin

    Because its the best box for kodi

  • Kevin

    I want to use it for kodi and games

  • Kevin

    Need it so can cut cable bills

  • Allen Ferns

    I want to try gaming on android consoles.

  • Matt

    I heard Nvidia Shield is an amazing device!!!!

  • Zombiestopper The KILLA.

    i want it because it will be much smoother than what i use now

  • Ben Kane

    I would really love one of these boxes, I just got engaged and cancelled cable to save money for the big day!! So this would be so awesome to go with your builds

  • Natnael Gebremeskel

    I had been using my HTC One M7 for the past 3 years trying to mirror my Xfinity tv go app containts. Over the years I dealt with several battery drains and dropped connections from my Google Chrome cast trying to entertain the whole family. It would be wonderful to own the Navida Shield andriod tv because it contains the Xfinity tv go app that I need and the very fast processor speed to make my media streaming seamless. There is also never denying the gaming capability , 4k streaming, and the clean and simple layout of the android platform.

  • Socon Gaming

    i would like it but to give it ti my familly to enjoy and also to play games from the past

  • Enzo Leonn Garcia Lucas

    I Really dont have money to buy, here in brazil, nvidia shield normal cost almost 777 dolars by accurate exchange my email

  • Migz Sanmiguel

    Just recently cut the cord I only have a fire stick. this would be nice for my entire family on the living room. To play games and watch together. I heard it has better specs. I want to learn and know how to used this on it’s full potential. Thank’s … Migz (