Addons work by scraping content from online streaming sources. When everyone uses the same Kodi addon just because it’s what they’re used to, it leads to the Kodi addon breaking more often. By spreading out your usage between multiple Kodi addons, you’re allowing the tension placed upon scrapers to be spread out as opposed to hitting the same ones over and over.

Think of it as sustainable usage of Kodi addons. Spreading your Kodi addon usage will encourage more developers to thrive to bring innovative functionality and result in a more reliable Kodi addon experience all around. Try out different Kodi addons and find cool new content that you would have never thought to look for in the first place.

Please note that all of the Kodi addons listed below can be easily installed

Stream All The Sources

Developed by the same person who maintains the URLResolver dependency which powers the majority of other Kodi addons, Stream All The Sources (or SALTS for short) has been one of the most reliable addons this community has ever seen for movies and TV.


We all know Exodus, it’s probably the most popular Kodi addon of all time. All the movies and TV shows you can image, HD sources galore. Exodus now offers German, French, Korean, Polish and Russian language content too!

USTVnow Plus

USTVnow is a legitimately licensed streaming provider that provides free HD access to ABC, CBS, The CW, FOX, NBC, PBS and My9. You’ll need to register at their web site, but registration is free so no big deal. They also offer premium channels at a cost.


Sportie is also fairly new but has picked up where Pro Sport left behind, we particularly like the Reddit powered streams which are usually quite on point. This developer is really working hard to bring quality sports to the masses.


You probably haven’t heard of Bubbles yet, but that’s all about to change. This guy came out of nowhere and has been working nonstop to bring one of the most intricate Kodi addons we’ve ever seen. Watch all your favourite movies and TV shows!

cCloud TV

cCloud TV scours the internet for live TV links, it’s a little bit disorganized but man are there a lot of channels, more channels than any planet should even have. There are live TV channels from across the world, but it’ll take some getting used to.

Ultimate IPTV

Ultimate IPTV is really not organized at all, but we’re including it here due to the insane amount of content offered. Just choose the index, then the channel list, and find high quality live TV channels streamed from around the world. Really good for foreign language TV stations.


SportsDevil the longest running sports addon to date, it has been around for years, at times it has worked flawlessly, at other times not so much so. SportsDevil has been working great lately though, we see a sort of renaissance in the works!


Phoenix is constantly changing, it offers custom curated lists of HD content as well as live sports, TV channels and more. Since this addon is a playlist addon, more effort is put into the quality of content. Great for when you’re not sure what to watch!

10 UK Turk Playlists

UK Turk Playlists is another playlist addon offering great curated lists of content. You’ll find live TV, sports, movies, TV shows, concerts, documentaries, comedy, radio, and a whole lot more. This guy updates his lists daily, definitely a good time.

We really hope you enjoy these addons as much as we do, and please remember that our developers are all volunteers, they don’t get paid, nor do they want to get paid. Don’t let the guy at the mall selling preloaded boxes fool you into thinking he’s doing anything except making a buck off other people’s hard work. Try to come around and show them your appreciation sometime, a few kind words goes a long way.

Thank You 🙂 And Have A Great Day.
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