A Big Hello to all the Guys n Gals on Streamhelp and our wonderful sister forum koditalk.org

Well we have all got together and decided that for our first Birthday of our sister site koditalk.org, we will be giving away a Nvidia pro 500GB. The forum started March 1st 2016 and has grown over the past 12 months. Myself @Mixdoctor, @Tech Timeruuu, @Mikman001 and @ChrisB as well as @Yummer (who due to family commitments is no longer with us) have been on the forum from day one helping out all the members with sorting out various problems with builds and Kodi issues over the past 12 months. The members gratitude towards us have been tremendous so we have all decided that we will offer the members and supporters a chance to win one of these latest Nvidia pro 500GB. These shields are priced at $299 or £279 and we are giving our members and followers a chance to own one of these on us. All we ask is when the competition starts (date to be announced very soon) is as well as entering just support us by clicking around our site. You don’t have to buy anything lol ? but clicking around our site will help us pay for this wonderful prize. Even if it doesn’t we have committed ourselves to offering one lucky person on of these Nvidia pro 500GB units to say thank you to you all for all your support over the past 12 months. Keep an eye on our forum or here on streamhelp.org for more information and how you can enter, again (date to be announced very soon) for more information.


Again we would like to thank everyone for all there help and support over the past 12 months and we are all looking forward to helping you all over the next 12 months. Also all our followers on here on Streamhelp we would also like to show our gratitude to you all as well hence offering all our readers on streamhelp a chance to also join in and enter this giveaway and help us celebrate our first Birthday of koditalk.org.

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Thank You 🙂 And Have A Great Day.
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    Yes please,awesome 2 prizes,gl all.