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Ideal Choice for Powering TV Stick
The ugreen TV stick power cable is an ideal choice to power your TV stick directly from your TV’s USB port. It eliminates the need for an AC power outlet , and makes charging faster and easier. 

Special Design for Cleaning the Space
The L shape and short cable design is a perfect way to connect your TV stick to TV without tangle. Compared with other long cabless, it can keep the space tidy and clean.

Universal Compatibility for Your Devices
The charger cable supports Google Chromecast, Intel Computer Stick and Roku streaming Stick and other TV sticks.

TV stick is not included.

Package Content
Ugreen Micro usb TV stick charger cable X 1    Usage: Ugreen TV stick Power Cable is an ideal choice to eliminate the need for an AC power outlet to power your TV Stick.
Perfect Angle Design: The right-angle(90 degree)/left-angle (270 angle) and short cable desgin of this tv stick usb power cable keeps space tidy and clean.
Universal Charging: This usb power cable achieves a quickest and easyest way to power tv sticks, and can also charge your any portable devices like phones, tablets, MP3 players, power banks while travel.
Compatibility: The micro usb power cable is compatible with TV Stick, Google Chromecast, Intel Computer Stick and Roku streaming Stick and other devices with micro usb port.
Durable Connectors: With Gold plated connectors, the power cable provides maximum conductivity, charges much faster than normal cables.Please note TV stick is not included.


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