We’re very sorry to have to bring you this news, but upgrading Kodi to the latest version (released today) is fairly urgent if you wish to keep your network secure. Earlier today, a security flaw within Kodi (and other media players including VLC) was reported by researchers from Check Point Software Technologies. They demonstrated that an attacker could gain control of any Kodi device through the use of malicious code placed within subtitles. Hypothetically, if an infected subtitle file were to be downloaded by Kodi, it could give a hacker full control over your device. This is particularly concerning when it comes to automatically downloaded subtitles. It is very important that you upgrade Kodi as soon as possible, otherwise you could be leaving your entire computer, device, or even home network at risk.

Security flaws in software happens all the time, it’s normal. This security flaw also affected many other media players that are far more popular than Kodi. The important thing is that the issue was fixed quickly, and so far no damage has been reported. However, now that the security flaw has reached mainstream news, hackers will now likely be looking to exploit it far more aggressively. The official developers of Kodi have been working tirelessly to release an updated version of Kodi that would fix security flaw, as well as some other minor bugs. Team-Kodi “highly encourages” all users to install this latest version, as do we. If you’re still running Kodi 16.1 Jarvis or below, you might as well upgrade now, that way you’ll also gain access to all the streams that use newer HTTPS technology not supported in older versions of Kodi anyway.

If you follow the instructions below carefully, upgrading should be super easy. Please note that these instructions describe the unofficial use of the Kodi media center.

Before Proceeding

Android Users: Those of you who are running older devices or cheap Android boxes might run into some trouble. Kodi 17.3 Krypton requires Android 5.0 or higher to run. If your device doesn’t support Android 5.0, you’ll need to buy a new Android TV box in order to continue to enjoy Kodi.

Apple TV 2 Users: Even though the last two versions of Kodi didn’t support the Apple TV 2, the device still seemed to work alright. This will no longer be the case moving forward, without HTTPS or HD support it’ll be next to useless, it’s time to purchase a new Android TV box.

United Kingdom Users: It will be necessary to disable certain router security settingsbefore continuing, we’d also highly recommend using a VPN Provider to circumvent site blocking.

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